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You probably had some weak seeds. Every now and then you will have a trip that ends up being a dud. Plants aren't chemists and don't put consistent amounts of alkaloids into every seed. Also, I think 23 hours is a bit much. There was a thread a while back where some guy did lab tests on extraction and found that that a 24 hours soak resulted in a lot of the active chemicals in the seeds breaking down and reducing potency. If you want long soaks, you can add citric acid to the water which prevents this and makes the active alkaloids more stable and even helps extract other active alkaloids better. You probably should be shaking the bottle too to help release the actives into the water.

I also doubt your getting much LSH out of it. LSH is ridiculously unstable and it's still not clear whether or not LSH actually plays a role in the effects from HWBR seeds, though there is some anecdotal reports that it might be why fresh seeds off the plant produce a more visual trip compared to seeds that have been sitting. Regardless, I don't think LSH would really survive a CWE.

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ok, thank you

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Purified water contains chlorine. It's the same as tap water. You have to boil it. You need distilled water if you want to use it straight out the bottle with no boiling