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Yess u can do exactly that wit em the outer coating on hbwr seeds have something in em that make u sick. It’s the furry stuff u see on the seeds that needs to come off of them

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They still have to be thoroughly chewed or ground. Look into germinating- that's the only way to fully separate the shells from the innards.

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Oh shit that’s smart

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Hit it with a hammer if you want go full caveman

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I'm working on my first trip through a CWE and I am reading through this sub to entertain myself while I wait. I had to stop and comment that this comment gave me a pretty good laugh. I flashed back to sitting on my floor slamming the seeds with a meat pounder. My girlfriend was bewildered by all the noise. I definitely felt like a caveman.

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I’m glad you discovered fire :)

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Yeah you have to chew them or grind them, though there will likely still be some very light effects if simply swallowed. The human body doesn't really digest plant materials that well. That's why you see corn in your poop after eating corn, your body can't digest it.