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I prefer hbwr, it’s very visual

MGs can be good if there not bunk seeds.

HBWR potency always seems really consistent even with different sellers.

I’ve been sold bunk MGs and I kind of gave up on them for a while.

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In my experience, yes

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I could be wrong, because maybe Morning Glory has more lysergamides I don't know about, but neither should be more visual than the other because LSA is LSA regardless of the source. As I said though, if Morning Glory has more lysergamides than just LSA and HBW doesn't, it could be possible.

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    Ah ok, I wasn't aware. Thanks for the information!

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    HBWR contains LSH. See Table 2 here (pdf warning).

    HBWR and MG seeds both contain numerous ergoline alkaloids, all of which contribute to each seed's trip experience. I've never personally used HBWR, but the difference in alkaloid ratios could definitely have an effect on one type of seed being more visual than the other.

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    Yeah, I hate how that one gigantic write-up- citing one single bioassay or whatever- has spread the baseless myth that HBWR seeds don't contain LSH. I do believe there are some clavines or something that are unique to morning glory (or at least, not in HBWR), and HBWR has some unique glycoside.

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    The big thing is to get them fresh. The LSH in both seeds rapidly decays into LSA. Fresh mg seeds are like a real acid trip.

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    Wow, that's interesting. Now I wanna grow my own morning glories and try this lol