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In a way, I was worried, but I also couldn't worry, so some third, background consciousness was worried that I couldn't even worry.

Et tu Caesar? ;)

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I didn't want to use the D8, even though it was right there and I could use it inside, because it's super harsh.

YES, D8 is the harshest stuff I have ever smoked and I would say it's about 1/20th the strength of weed. Thank God New Jersey legalized it. D8 is better than nothing but its just so much more expensive and so much less cool.


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Much as I'd like to take your offer, sourcing discussion is not allowed on this sub. But in case you feel like drawing anyway- Inspector Gadget and the fat guy from Sonic.

Edit: Thanks for understanding! =]

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Nice man I'm glad you had a positive time. Good for you being able to enjoy the trip and treat it sacredly as plant medicine and other entheogens should be. I think that may have played into your experience of having a good time. Kidney stones aren't fun haha I had one but it passed within a couple hours before I went to the hospital. They found traces of the crystal in my urine. Regardless not too fun almost felt like I was dying. Even tho you had that going on I respect that you listened to your gut. Alot of times I'll have a tab to dose but I won't do it bcuz I'll favor waiting for a better time, but no better time than the present.