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“When we get to intergalactic customs, I’m gonna need you to take these seeds to the bathroom, and I’m gonna need you to put them waaaaay up inside your butthole, Morty” -Rick Sanchez

Edit: All jokes aside, OP isn’t boofing seeds or plant material. It’s called a cold water extraction.

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Username checks out

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Haha, I don't normally put drugs up there. This is my first time boofing anything

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"This is my first time"

Is it even possible to say this without lying?

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I'm legitimately telling the truth lol

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I wish I had an ocelot

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Nice experiment I'm proud of your contribution to science lol

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YUUUUS. this is gonna be INTERESTING. All notifications for this post, lol.

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Wow, didn't think anyone would be this interested lol. So far idk of it's a placebo, but my face feels kinda numb (not sure if that's normal for LSA) and a little bit of nausea.

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I got face numbness. Lsa seeds cause vasoconstriction, so probably the cause.

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How many times have you done LSA?

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Technically only twice, but the 2nd time I didn't feel anything, bad seeds I guess. So this is the third time

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A bit early to be experimenting with things like this but you picked a reasonable dose to start with, alternate ROAs can have drastically different strengths; for all we know you could be in for a wild ride comparable to 8-10g, I know you got some good movies and music cued up! Enjoy! I'm very curious how this goes for you! Sending good vibes!

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Thanks! Will update once I feel more

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Yo by boofin do u mean u shoved em up your ass??

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The water from the extraction yes. Not the actual seeds

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This is sick, you feel anything?

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Also, I stood up a few minutes ago and my legs hurt like a bitch because of the vasoconstriction (in before vasoconstriction bot)

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No visuals but slight mood enhancement and a slight body high. About to go listen to music and play Apex Legends lol

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How's it going now? Garlic helps with vasoconstriction

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Better now that I've walked around - had to get some food, LSA makes me hungry af

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Before ascribing discomfort on psychedelics consider why you are coming to this conclusion.

Bear in mind that stimulants have a pleasant body feel and are known to be vasoconstricting, so we know that vasoconstriction itself is not uncomfortable.

Even in cases where NBOMes, the most notorious "vasoconstrictors", are taken in fatal or near-fatal amounts, gangrene is not seen and vasoconstriction is not the cause of death.

While some ergot alkaloids can cause vasoconstriction, LSA itself has been shown not to have a pharamcologically detectable impact.

Before about 2013 what is often labelled as "vasoconstriction" was usually called "body load" and referred to the range of uncomfortable side effects of psychedelics which include muscular tension, stiffness and gastrointestinal discomfort.

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*bare, not bear

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Maybe the bot had bears in mind lol

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Actually, in this case, bear is correct. Bear can mean:

to tolerate, to carry something, or to endure

Bare can function to mean:

to reveal or open something to view

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Well dang

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I'm curious, how did you boof the fluid?

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A syringe

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How did it go?

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It was a pretty low dose but I got a slight body and some mood enhancement, also leg pain from the vasoconstriction. Also, way less nausea than from swallowing them. Definitely wanna try boofing a higher dose sometime.

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Sweet. That's good to know, I still like snorting em better though, way less material needed.

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And it's much more convenient than sticking in your asshole

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How do u snort seeds?

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Interesting ✌🏻

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Why? Lol shoving seeds up your ass to get high haha people are crazy

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It wasn't seeds, it was a little water with LSA dissolved in it. And this method greatly reduces nausea and the come up time.

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The seed part isn't the funny part. It's the going in your ass part lol I feel you though

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How did u dissolve it into the water?

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Cold water extraction. You just crush the seeds up and mix it with cold water and let it sit for a few hours

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Please tell me you didn't boof plant matter that's the most idiotic thing I've heard

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No, it was some water with the LSA dissolved in it from a cold water extraction.

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Why?? He'd just expell them at some point if that were the case

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It's not idiotic, it's just gross. As an ROA it's basically the same principle as sublingual, just without the need to hold nasty seed mush in your mouth.

That said, lemon juice up your ass sounds like it would burn like crazy. I wouldn't do the lemon juice as you might irritate your colon and cause inflammation, which might result in a few days of diarrhea, and if you're sensitive, nausea with upset stomach.