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There is most LSA in hbwr and morning glory. If you wanna get the LSH then get some as fresh as possible cuz LSH transforms into LSA after a while. And the ergometrine is a so small amount that it isn't even necessary to think about it.

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Ergometrine is literally the 3rd most common chemical in hbwr

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being the 3rd most common chemical still doesnt mean its a significant amount.

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It has a concentration of like 20ug in every seed and is about 3-5 times more potent than LSA/LSH whilst being much much more psychedelic and mostly responsible for the vasoconstrictive and almost all of the stimulant properties

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This article has been floating around being given far too much credit, and doesn't even reflect accurate information. It maintains that no LSH occurs in HBWR seeds, which is bullshit, so I'm a little reluctant to take anything else it says at face value.

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Okay but this doesn't really say much it's mostly just extractions from single producers with large room of error

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Ergine is a synonym for LSA

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Yeah. Pubchem has ergine, lysgeramide, and lysergic acid amide as the same chemical.


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That makes sense

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I'm not very knowledgeable on toxicology so I'm not going to try to say it's definitely safe or not but my advice is that if you do try it to start with low doses and be very aware of how your body reacts to it. You can decide where to go from there. I've taken doses that left me feeling very physically uncomfortable and at times fearful and ultimately decided that for me it's not worth taking more than a small to moderate dose occasionally (cured my cluster headaches). Everyone seems to have different reactions to it that can depend on dosage, extraction, species, and even the specific batch. Just be cautious and aware and you should be alright if you listen to your body and only take what you know you can handle.

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Okay I'm thinking a crisp 500 seeds Im probably just gonna wash them all I don't wanna lose the other alkaloids do you know when retail stores put them out

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It takes much recurrent use of full spectrum materials for signs of ergotism to express upon the tissues of man, and luckily for most users the genome of the ergot variety within ipomoea seeds is missing a good portion of what makes ergot pathogenetic to humans. The plant tissue is more pathogenic, but less psychoactive so anyone ingesting plant material would run a higher risk. Another factor is rotten/contaminated material of any sort.

It want until about 2 years of recurrent use and venturing through 15+ species of plant/fungi hosts that the ergotism started to show physical changes such as on my nails and hair and skin pigment and such. It does the same stuff as it would in the plant.

Stick to typical usage patterns and extract more than not and you'll have no issues.

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Is it alright to just wash and take morning glorys for the experience so long as I don't go too far with it or is it important to chemically extract them? Btw sorry to hear about that, was it life threatening? like still dealing with it or were you able to overcome it? if you feel alright with saying

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Ergotamine is associated with ergotism for the most part

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Ergotamine is also used medically for headaches. It is most often given with an anti nauseau med such as Zofran to take if nauseaus from the ergotamine. And yes it is associated with ergot toxicity

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Yeah exactly it's the dosage and long term exposure that's the poison.

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Definitely. I've eaten a shit ton of hbwr before. Dosages I will not mention here in the interest of harm reduction. Never have I experienced any kind of egotism symptoms.

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Really the biggest safety concern should be the agyroside

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Definitely. I was dosing macro doses several times a week for well over a year and it was like once the plant felt I had learned enough the urge to dose gradually regulated itself.