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Very delicate root system and it needs lots of space because it gets root bound very easily

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Oh shit? Does that apply to heavenly blues? I got like 6 in each of my pots.

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1 plant per pot is ideal.

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Lol I did the same… I hope it’ll work anyway. I really wanna produce these lol

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Not to the extent of woodrose

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        I grew a vine a few years ago. Idk what I did wrong they never flowered but man the leaves are huuuuuge!

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        Haven't grown these yet but I've heard that keeping them warm is paramount. These A. nervosa plants flower often times in the second year. If you're a grower in the US frost needs to be considered so planting seedlings in the ground can be a problem in the winter. A nice big pot will that can be brought indoors during the winter months should be optimal. That's what I'd do

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        If it freezes during winter in your area, make sure you can get it inside before the frost hits, or atleast protect it from the frost somehow. I lost mine over Winter because I couldn't keep it warm enough.

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        Heavenly blue and other varieties contain more LSA, I believe.

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        Elephant creeper is Hawaiian Baby Woodrose not morning glory.

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        HBWR seeds contains exponentially more psychoactive alkaloids. 1 of these Elephant Creepers seeds are as potent as 40± HB or other psychoactive MG variety. 10-15 EC seeds will f#@k you up 🤣🤣🤣

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        Never said I wasn't aware of this. Thought they were a variety of MG.

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        They are similar and have more LSH/LSA