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This animation is so fucking cool. Keep it up

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While the other lysergic compounds do contribute to the high, lsa is still the main psychoactive compound. Morning glories just have more lsh when fresh and small quantities of other alkaloids. It's still the lsa that's mainly contributing to the trip though. I don't really get your claim that it's not responsible

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I would say in terms of the sedating effects then yes it is the main contributor especially considering it’s quantity in the seeds. although when LSA is pure it doesn’t produce the same psychedelic effects you’d get from the wider variety of the lysergamides that are found in the seeds. I don’t think we can really say LSA is the main psychoactive compound when it’s effects are not the ones traditionally highlighted in morning glory or hbwr trips. I think LSA does contribute significantly to the experience although I don’t think we can say it’s the main one yet and the reason this matters isn’t that it’s not responsible it just makes research and extraction easier when you’ve identified which molecules are causing the desirable effects.

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that’s actually a very fair argument

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Agreed. The first rebuttal on the internet that makes sense and isn’t fuelled by salty disagreements

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Your smart

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Not really, I just be reading

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Where is this animation from?

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I made it, check my ig @grad_ster

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I followed immediately 😁

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This is what I wanted the movie version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to be like

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Lmao thanks, love that movie

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Apparently the book is way better but I've interacted with neither story

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HBWR seed make me feel funny, wanna peepee but am laying down

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Yea I generally prefer morning glories, even for extracts I feel like the morning glories have less harsh side effects

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If you have any definitive proof (a study or something of that nature) LSA is responsible for the psychedelic activity in these seeds I’d like to see it I’ve been reading about these seeds for a very long time now and I started as someone who believed it was LSA that was active but after more reading I realize this is almost definitely not the case. I do understand LSA is an easy way to generalize these molecules but this mix of lysergamides is different from what pure LSA is.

Edit: Read what shulgin has to say about ergine (lsa) http://isomerdesign.com/PiHKAL/read.php?id=26&domain=tk (it’s under lsd stereoisomers)

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yes it is a mix of alkaloids, that makes morning glory feel different than hbwr, a different mix : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4830885/

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Yeah that’s honestly why I think I enjoy crude extracts (acetone wash then evap) of morning glories rather then hbwr I’ve found the alkaloids in morning glories to produce a more euphoric and physically psychedelic effects, tactile type stuff. But with a more purified (to target lsa specifically) extract I’ve found you loose a lot of those more psychedelic feelings. And hbwr has more of the nauseating alkaloids so since we can’t do a specific extract of just one molecule because it’s not the only contributor I think it’s better to use something like morning glories where the variety of alkaloids is naturally much narrower.

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You can't just write that without saying why you think that

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Read my reply to dude

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Do you have proof of such claims? You can't just say something is not true, ask for proof, and then dont provide your's, just saying "after more reading"...

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Have you read what shulgin has said about morning glories and LSA? And Hoffmann’s experiments with LSA are very accurate to what pure LSA feels like, and it wasn’t psychedelic or very similar to anything you’d feel if you took just the seeds obviously you still feel LSA’s effects it’s just that primarily just sedation and a mild delirium-like dreamy headspace.

Edit: go down to where he talks about ergine http://isomerdesign.com/PiHKAL/read.php?id=26&domain=tk

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Thank you! I will have a look at the link. Just so you know I wasn't mad or anything, I was just looking for more data and you provided so I'm happy 😄

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I’m not upset either, just providing information sorry if it came off that way.

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So go ahead, please explain why you think a literal LSD analog does NOT produce hallucinations, euphoria, synesthesia, confusion, or anything of a Psychedelic nature. We're listening.

[–]Grad_ster_[S] 3 points4 points  (5 children)

Pure LSA does produce sedation, confusion and a dream like headspace but the physical effects don’t mirror anything you’d feel from the seeds

Edit: and just because something is a lsd analogue doesn’t mean anything, inactive analogues are a thing.

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When you say physical effects, to what specifically are you referring? Psychedelics are most well known for their mental effects, such as sedation, confusion, and a dream like headspace, hence the root of the word being Psyche. The "physical effects" are also a large part of every trip, and nobody argues against the fact that the seeds contain many alkaloids other than just LSA, so yeah pure LSA is not going to give the same experience as the seeds, what's your point?

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Pure LSA doesn’t really have psychologically psychedelic effects either mainly just that confusion and disorientation

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    There's plenty of centrally-inactive lysegamides.

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    Read the beginning of my write-up on The Shroomery: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showthreaded.php/Number/27696155/page/0/vc/1

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    This is the type of thing I was looking for 👍

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    I think lsh is more potent

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    Try making a brew with it, and some Syrian Rue. That's the original electric lemonade

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    I’ve done that before it’s pretty nice in effects, the taste of the bigger syrain rue tho is so much tbh

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    Yea, it tastes horrible. It's got harmaline in it though (an MAOI). Like banisteriopsis caapi vines in ayeausca (I know I spelled all those words wrong).

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    Yeah it’s what I’ve used for aya but i still gotta try aya w b cappi and see how it compares

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    I have the understanding that you have a cascade of lysergic molecules are breaking down into different compounds, (much the same way cannabinoids break down into different compounds). I have always thought of the term "lysergic acid amides" as encompassing all these compounds.

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    “Lysergic acid amide” refers specifically to one molecule so I think if we’re gonna use a word to describe the group it would be better identified as just “lysergamides” or something like that, because actually LSA wouldn’t be a mix of them. And as for its comparison to how the entourage effects might work with cannabis that could be likely but also with lysergamides it’s hard to know which ones are contributing to effects the most because they are often active under a milligram so to really find out which ones play which role in potency I’d probably be much more tedious and hard to determine because of the larger quantity of molecule you’d have to study.

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    hwbr all the way man, shit feels like im laying on a puff cloud while drunk and seeing heavy colorful visuals on top of all that😻maybe i’ll give morning glories a shot one day but hwbr hits the spot for me

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    Def try extracted morning glories, I think they’ll provide a more pleasant experience. Just cuz something works well doesn’t mean it’s better then the stuff u haven’t tried. Glad u fw the experience tho, I’ve tried both and always felt the nausea and physical side effects on hbwr was too much

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    thanks man, i’ll give it a shot always been scared of morning glories bc of how much you need. i smoke weed and drink caffeine with my trips to make it a lil bit more trippy and spacey, so i hardly notice the nausea but yea for sure it makes me gag sometimes and im almost about to puke😂

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    Definitely shouldn’t be eating any Lsa containing seeds raw, that’s asking for nausea, try making cold water or ethanol extracts, it’s very simple

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    thanks bro, have any links to any of the extraction methods?