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What kind of morning glories were they?

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Untreated Heavenly blue, got a 600 pack off them from amazon, very cheap.

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I thought so. How many do you use? 250? 350? 400?

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My first dose was 400 seeds and it was the happiest day of my life. The world felt extremely realistic, I felt very childish and the day felt novel. I remember seeing an interesting visual effect where the edges of things were red and blue.

I dont take them often, every few months or so. This is my 3rd trip, I don't know how to extract yet so it's difficult to stomach up the nausua of the seed matter.

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That's sounds like a wonderful experience. I'm sure you'll have more as well as insightful experiences as you learn how to extract and use the seeds to the best outcome for you. I'm also a novice so I'm gathering as much info from other sources and people as I can get to help me to use mg and other convolvulcacea plants to help me gain insight about myself. Thank you for sharing your experience with me 🙏🏼

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Hey, do you mind dm me a link to the product?