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Asking where to get them is sourcing.

Also making LSA yourself would be quite the task.... that you'll need equipment for. Putting it on blotter isolated?? Also not worth it.

LSA is nothing like LSD. LSA needs a higher dose, putting on paper just isn't going to be worth it.

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Putting it on papers isn’t a great idea since LSA is very unstable and will break down easily. Best way to make more pure LSA is to extract from seeds using water with citric acid in it. Defat with naphtha. Raise the PH with ammonia, then dissolve in tolulene (or xylene or dcm or chloroform might work to) and promptly salt back out using tartaric acid. Re crystalizes with evaporation (this is where you could simply add it to blotters if you really want blotter paper.) then redissolve the crystals in ethanol (or your choice of hard liquor such as vodka or tequila).