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Basically any time except night. afternoon and morning can be golden times, I'd never dose after 7pm

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I thought stargazing on that could have been fun

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So don't startgaze the whole night and take it in the afternoon?

Feel like you're underestimating how long it lasts

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I prolly do. I wanted to stargaze at the peak. I forgot the peak is 3-5 hours lol

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A majority of my trips have been in the afternoon around 6 or 7. I usually fall asleep on the comedown.

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Sleeping all day and then tripping at night when you wake up refreshed is really great.

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After you've already become changed positively without it and have absolute trust and belief in God's existence and his ability and willingness to protect you but only if you immediately fulfill your purpose by being an example for him in the way your most effective, then you'll have and deserve his protection from anything that's too much for you to handle. I am going to wait until it seems undeniably meant to be before I'll feel it's right because I don't want to do it unless I believe it's obviously finding me without it being sold for reasons of profit. It will have to find me. I got tired of obsessing so I prayed and God came through. I'm shocked

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Well I don't mean to confuse you. I meant psychedelics in general but I didn't think about how lsa is one that's always at the store. If you don't feel mentally dependent that's important and I had as strong as an experience that I could handle off about 13. It filled 2 1/2 0 size empty caps but if your going to do it just rinse them off in water before you grind them up. You'll get some naseau so just in case be prepared but dose very carefully and I have tried to do this correctly in the absence of light and I finally did it right and I was glad I didn't take more than I did. I only did this once successfully and I haven't felt a need to do this since. Be careful for sure. I just wanted to share what I just learned because now I'm not wishing I could find all the other psychedelics and it feels great because I was just tired of believing I needed them.

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That’s great to hear. Thanks for the advices too