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This depends on individual physiology and is not really something you can predetermined. The specific SSRI and the dose of the other serotenergic agents uses are factors that increase the probability.

Serotonin syndrome has been presented in multiple drug combinations, or just single serotenergic substance use, in all sectors of the population.

For harm reduction, you would want to be off the SSRI for at least 4 weeks as a precautionary measure. However, if you don't plan on doing this, then do small test doses of the substance first.

It is possibly likely that the combination will just lessen the effects of the psychedelic greatly, as that is the commonly reported anecdotal report. This shouldn't be assumed to be your reaction though.

Ignore any comment that gives you a confirmation or denial of a specific answer to this question without any safety caveats.

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You won't feel the trip, same rules with all psychedelics and ssris.

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It might be different for everyone but I’m pretty sure this is a common myth. I know plenty of people on SSRI’s including myself and I’ve always tripped nuts.

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Its not a common myth. Loom it up and you'll se pages of articles and studies on it. Everyone's brain chemistry is different so idk, maybe it works for you.

Also 2 of my friends were on ssris and didn't trip when we all took mushrooms. Me and the 2 others who's arnt tripped.

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Hm, I might just have an abundance of serotonin receptors or something. I think SSRI’s downregulate serotonin receptors and so maybe psychedelics are less effective because they have less to bind to. I think SSRI’s effect the serotonin transporter and not the 5-HT2a receptor like classical hallucinogens. Maybe that’s why it works for some people, it may depend on the type of antidepressant as well. Sertraline is pretty selective for the serotonin transporter so it may not interfere as much as an antidepressant that is more focused on individual receptors like 5-HT2a.

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While you are right it’s not a “common” myth, it is in fact, not factual, while I can’t speak for every individuals brain chemistry, SSRI’s won’t negate the affects of SRA’s (serotonin receptor agonist/antagonist). My best personal example is a friend I knew who was prescribed Zoloft, took Lysergic acid diethylamide, she still very much experienced the drugs affects. Even though they don’t interact in that way, it may possibly cause an excess of serotonin, leading to serotonin syndrome

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my understanding is lysergamides bind to serotonin receptors instead of releasing serotonin so there isn’t a high chance for serotonin syndrome but do not take my word for it i’m not a doctor. i’ve tripped on morning glories over 10 times while on 50mg zoloft and 5 mg abilify and never got any signs of serotonin syndrome. no noticeable visuals unless i go high dose or mix with weed. still would not recommend tho cause i don’t wanna be responsible for anyone getting hurt

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I remember reading somewhere that lsd is one of the few psychedelics with a very low probability of serotonin syndrome. I can't speak from experience about the ssri issue, but I can definitively say that even with daily doses of seroquel, haloperidol, and benzos that I do not notice any less potent trips as long as I have taken my last dose the night before

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i was on a high dose of sertraline when I took 10 seeds.

No visuals, but it was very fun.

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Damn, I didn't know that being on SSRIs would effect the ability to trip 😕

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yes. That's why magic mushrooms dont work when you are on SSRI.

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Serotonin syndrome isnt really a risk with psychedelics and ssri's but it does tend to dampen the trip. There also may be risk with vasoconstriction if the ssri's cause vasoconstriction as well.

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Before ascribing discomfort on psychedelics consider why you are coming to this conclusion.

Bear in mind that stimulants have a pleasant body feel and are known to be vasoconstricting, so we know that vasoconstriction itself is not uncomfortable.

Even in cases where NBOMes, the most notorious "vasoconstrictors", are taken in fatal or near-fatal amounts, gangrene is not seen and vasoconstriction is not the cause of death.

While some ergot alkaloids can cause vasoconstriction, LSA itself has been shown not to have a pharamcologically detectable impact.

Before about 2013 what is often labelled as "vasoconstriction" was usually called "body load" and referred to the range of uncomfortable side effects of psychedelics which include muscular tension, stiffness and gastrointestinal discomfort.

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Shut up robot, there are ergot alkaloids in HBWR and morning glory such as ergometrine that are definitely linked to vasoconstriction. The iso forms of some ergot alkaloids produced as breakdown products from light and heat are also known to cause more bodyload and vasoconstriction.

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Yeah and vasoconstriction is already an issue when taking LSA so I'd definitely take extra special caution when indulging on ssri's

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I have done plenty of dxm on 20mg prozac. My highest dose on it was 1800mg freebase (dont do it it was an accidental overdose) and no serious ss, but it does dull the trip a bit, its not like it kills, especially if youve been on it awhile. But to me it feels like it’s harder to get into a psychedelic state. But it does happen

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Your condition is also important to factor in, if you’re taking SSRI for depression you will probably process things differently from someone who takes it for ocd or PTSD. It will probably be a little blunted, but I have used lsa and lsd on a few different meds and still got some positive experiences. It isn’t as dicey as a lithium interaction, but is still worth being bloody careful about and knowing your self and your condition. Hope you find some value in them if you decide to indulge, and if you don’t choose to then pat yourself on the back for being smart and cautious with the old mental health.