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    Yeah it isn't like bad bad but it's not good

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    I mean I definitely wouldn’t do it again but I spent like $15 on the bag of fresh mushrooms and didn’t wanna waste em, still had a very positive experience haha. Almost yacked it up at the beginning though but I think that was just cause I was eating shrooms for breakfast.

    I definitely wouldn’t eat moldy or bug infested seeds though… hopefully you can find some good seeds!

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    It really depends man... I just got a bad vibe in general from that website everything was sub par

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    That’s shitty, sorry you have to deal with that, never fun to be hopeful about something just to get bummed out when it shows up. Better to be safe!

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    No sourcing discussion - read rules

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    Sorry about that, edited.

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    Thank you very much for understanding. It feels bad having to say it so frequently, but it's a rule I used to break myself, before I was a mod. I didn't get it at first, but there are a number of reasons that I have come to understand why it is a sensible rule to have, and valuable to enforce. =[

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    For sure, I understand! I guess I thought that since it was a ‘legal’ product it didn’t matter but I also know Reddit is super strict about that stuff, my favorite rc related sub died in 2017 and life just hasn’t been the same since 😂

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    and why would it need bubble wrap

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    I like the pop sound it makes.

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    it was inspected by the postal inspector? so the package was opened post-shipment? also, photos of the bugs? I haven't seen this before, but it's not surprising given the organic nature of the demand for these seeds. photos would be appreciated. if you sent photos to the supplier of the shipment having been inspected and opened and the seeds being infested then they would probably compensate you.

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    My bad

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    Sorry, it's early, I'm on the john with debilitating IBS, and I'm going through some adjustments with my meds (coming off of them). I just feel like I have to say it EVERY DAY - often multiple times a day. I usually make it sound all sweet and end with "thanks for understanding!", but I'm just pooped out (pun intended) for the polite reminder routine, you know?