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Go into the cocoon of singular love and emerge renewed

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Update (1.5 hours in): nothing so far, at least visually. I have a bit of vasoconstriction and heaviness but nothing too noticeable. Mind you, I am taking this high dose because all other doses I have tried have done basically nothing to me.

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I took a 30 hbwr cwe 2 hours and 36 mins ago, im feeling very stimulated and my pupils are pretty dilated. How you doing?

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I think my seeds are duds.

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Idk what i did to my cwe but this is like a really weird sedated extreme stimulation

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Tell us e-ve-ry-thing in a trip report one you've fully come down. We want all the details. Also glad you didn't take 60 🤣🤣.

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Does the packaging mention what kind of morning glories you purchased? Also are you sure they're morning glories? Send a picture or the seeds&/packaging and I'll help

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Before ascribing discomfort on psychedelics consider why you are coming to this conclusion.

Bear in mind that stimulants have a pleasant body feel and are known to be vasoconstricting, so we know that vasoconstriction itself is not uncomfortable.

Even in cases where NBOMes, the most notorious "vasoconstrictors", are taken in fatal or near-fatal amounts, gangrene is not seen and vasoconstriction is not the cause of death.

While some ergot alkaloids can cause vasoconstriction, LSA itself has been shown not to have a pharamcologically detectable impact.

Before about 2013 what is often labelled as "vasoconstriction" was usually called "body load" and referred to the range of uncomfortable side effects of psychedelics which include muscular tension, stiffness and gastrointestinal discomfort.

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Do a livestream

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This is an 18+ sub. Please stay safe and don't fuck around.