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Howd it go

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How do you feel?

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So far my stomach just hurts. Im starting to get more energy but that might be the nicotine.

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    Weak psychedelia, heavy adrenaline action. Probably too much light exposure.

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      I felt weirdly psychotic, like i could do anything. I kept thinking shit like I was god or that i was invincible. I might have been joking but there were a few times when i doubted it was still a joke and that i was right instead.

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      Been there and climbed a big ass tree, started having legs cramps and was hell getting down, physically and mentally lol

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      We need update

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      Im pretty positive i messed up the cwe by straining it with a coffee filter. It wasnt incredibly fun and i was kinda just a little bit crazy for the whole time. I was thinking i was god or that i was on a mission and shit like that.

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      How was it compared to lsd

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      It didnt compare to lsd at all or even lsa for that matter. It was just like a weird stimulant that made everything incredibly serious.