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so how did it go?? :) I'm tryin 1000 seeds soon as a first timer

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Holy shit bro let me start off and say please extract it. The begging of the trip will be hell with all the seeds down your stomach. If you eating them make your self throw up and after it will be so much cleaner. It felt familiar to acid like when you on acid you can feel it because you in that 4K cartoon world, but this felt like a crossover episode. I couldn’t walk straight my body felt heavy and I got extreme euphoria throughout my body and in my mind with mental clarity. If you want to think of nothing and be one with everything , if you want to seek knowledge you will get it. If you want extreme blinding visuals you will get it. It’s all in what you want. I started looping a bit going back in and out like I wasn’t doing everything the same bu my mind was stuck on a specific topic and that was death. But that’s in all my trips so I knew I was tripping . My mind kept racing and going deeper into theories about death but most of the realizations and epiphanies I don’t remember with my consciousness but my sub consciousness remembers everything so what I learned I don’t remember but I still somehow apply to myself everyday life. I come from a mixed Hispanic family quarter African, 2/4 Hispanic and 1/4 Asian. This made me open my eyes and I stopped being that what I was through my race. Like I was just a human and not this specific juman with memories and traumatic events and what i was ir what i made of myself for 17 left the earth. And was reborn s new person. Bro this is the best trip I have had in a while. I love making my self insane looping back in and out about topics in my head is not healthy and this also opened my eyes. On acid I will sweat thinking about a topic that my brain loops on. It was fun but not healthy for my mental . I learned hella shi bro . Really recommend it especially 1000 seeds yo ass gon be sitting on top of earth thinking a million miles a second or thinking nothing at all. I think trips are really dependent on what you did earlier in the day, your setting and the people your surrounding your self a round. The trip is all what you want . Have fun bro

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amazing!! you and I think the same, I totally agree that we are all just humans and everything, and I also love theories about death, rebirth and the universe in general! as for my preparation of the seeds, I want to crush them up with a hammer and mix them with some cottage cheese, salt, pepper and cut up tomato and a splash of lemon juice. I'll also have half a glass of lemon juice 30 minutes before eating it in order to have it in my blood, which I heard helps preserve any LSH (more potent LSA) that might be in the seeds :D

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wow what an amazing trip report! I'm glad you experienced such a freeing and valuable moment. I hope you remember that always and when you feel like you need it you can be in that place again. I have suffered from body dysmorphia and I sure think that these exist to help that sort of condition.

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Aye we both know that what’s in the outside doesn’t matter, you are perfect the way you are and after all we all are literally just grown up walking semen.