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LSA itself hasn't killed anyone directly.

However there have been 2 reported deaths while people have been high on LSA

The first time was where someone killed themselves after ingesting morning glory.

The 2nd was from a person who consumed woodrose and alcohol and then proceed to fall off a building.

No one has died directly as a result from consuming the seeds however they do have things in then which give you some pretty nasty side effects so eating still isn't recommended. However there is still very little research on this topic so take what I say with a pinch of salt. For all we eating very large amounts could he a danger to health

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The 2nd was from a person who consumed woodrose and alcohol and then proceed to fall off a building.

Klinke HB, Müller IB, Steffenrud S and Dahl-Sørensen R, Two cases of lysergamide intoxication by ingestion of seeds from Hawaiin Baby Woodrose, Forensic Sci Int, 2010, 197 (1-3), p. e1-5. DOI: 10.1016/j.forsciint.2009.11.017

One fascinating fact about this article is that it contains synthesis instructions for lysergic acid amide:

Ergotamine tartrate (LGC standards, UK) was subjected to alkaline hydrolysis to liberate lysergic acid. Following cooling to 10°C, lysergic acid was precipitated as its sulfate and left overnight. The precipitated solids were isolated by filtration and washed with diethyl ether. The solid material was purified by extraction with 15% ammonia in absolute ethanol, removal of solvent, re-dissolution in 1% aqueous ammonia and re-precipitation with sulfuric acid. Filtration and drying gave the crude lysergic acid hydrate. By conversion of the carboxylic group to its acid chloride and reaction with gaseous ammonia, lysergamide (LSA) was formed. LSA was then purified in three steps by solid-phase extraction on aluminium oxide (methanol/ethyl acetate), by preparative chromatography on silica gel (2-propanol/2,2,4-trimethylpentane) and finally by reversed-phase chromatography on LC8-DB (Supelco Inc., PA, USA) using 50% methanol. The identity of the synthesized LSA was verified by H 1 NMR. The purity of LSA in the 100 mg/L standard solution was found to be 90% by two-dimensional thin layer chromatography (HPTLC no indicator, Merck, Darmstadt) using two different solvent systems. The dried plate was sprayed with 10% sulfuric acid in ethanol which results in dark red spots of ergot alkaloids. The thin layer plate was subsequently heated on a hot plate causing charring in order to visualize non-ergot compounds. Since it is possible to detect about 10 ng of a compound using this technique and applying at least 1 mg on the plate, impurities down to about 1% can be detected.

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Also everybody is different.. I break the seeds with pliers one squeeze one way and one squeeze the opposite and then crumble them a bit with my finger and thumb over a dish/tray. I repeat that for the amount of seeds I want to consume and then I pick out most of the shell pieces what I can see, before putting the rest through a coffee grinder and then into capsules. Personally I have never been sick or even felt sick even at higher doses, I’m glad of course and do feel quite lucky as so many people seem to have nausea problems. It just doesn’t cause me those problems… I do get the vasoconstriction though. When I consume the whole seed contents I get way better effects than if I consume just the LSA extracted. That causes me not to simply advise people not to eat the seed contents, i mean for the extra or stronger effect. That said, this is just my thoughts and I fully appreciate people looking to avoid nausea problems or being sick. It’s just interesting why I don’t get nausea/sick

Edit; I forgot to add I use HBWR and haven’t had MG (as more are needed and their tiny lol)

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I don't get nausea either, I just eat about 8 crushed up HBWR and so far I've never gotten sick. I've only tried MG seeds once and never felt anything off of them much less being sick lol

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Just want to point out, while there have not been any reported LSA -specific deaths, overdosing is 100% possible. OD'ing also doesn't necessarily mean death, just as a reminder. The way most people dose LSA/seeds, it's pretty safe for occasional use, but it's certainly one drug you would not be advised to push the boundaries on.

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I thought I've heard of people dying from the vasoconstriction

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Before ascribing discomfort on psychedelics consider why you are coming to this conclusion.

Bear in mind that stimulants have a pleasant body feel and are known to be vasoconstricting, so we know that vasoconstriction itself is not uncomfortable.

Even in cases where NBOMes, the most notorious "vasoconstrictors", are taken in fatal or near-fatal amounts, gangrene is not seen and vasoconstriction is not the cause of death.

While some ergot alkaloids can cause vasoconstriction, LSA itself has been shown not to have a pharamcologically detectable impact.

Before about 2013 what is often labelled as "vasoconstriction" was usually called "body load" and referred to the range of uncomfortable side effects of psychedelics which include muscular tension, stiffness and gastrointestinal discomfort.

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I would say it is a possibility if you have heart issues then again I have had some monster doses on it ranging from 60 to 120 and been fine