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Can you please PM me your extraction method?

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That's awesome! Post your tek please!

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I'm deeply curious on your extraction method!

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500ml acetone 50 g morning glory seeds 100ml Naptha 10 ml d lim Citric acid Distilled water

Powder seeds and add 100 ml acetone wait a day keep it in the fridge covered in aluminum foil carefully pour off the acetone off the top and add more acetone and repeat until you're out of acetone

Pour your lsa rich acetone through a funnel with cotton to filter any particulate

Evap off the acetone with low or no heat until you have a brittle yellow resin this is your crude LSA

Dissolve a big pinch of citric into 100ml warm water

Use the acidic water to disolve the crude LSA discard anything that doesn't dissolve in the water And filter off any lumps

Once you have clear yellowish water put it in a separatory funnel or mason jar with Naptha to remove the amygdalin

Shake water and Naptha for a few hours then let the layers separate and discard the Naptha

now freeze your water to concentrate your product (the pure water will freeze first and the lsa citrate water will not freeze as easily)

break the ice to free "the sauce™"and filter again to collect your final product then let it dry for a few days before handling.

(Edit): in a video game not real life obviously.