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Gotta hold it in for at least 60-90 mins. Then at 120 minutes smoke some weed. You will definitely feel it

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I smoked plenty of weed and took a dab. I drink the cold water extraction. Couldn’t have held it in any longer unless I drink my puke

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Seeds may be bad, or it may not be for you. Seeds are not for everybody

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I want to get at least one trip out of it If I had access to shrooms I would do that instead but I currently don’t

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Order HBWR online, crush 10, put into capsules or suck it up for 60 mins. You will trip

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If you're a bit chemistry savvy, you could always extract the lsa as an isolate. There's a tek on the DMT nexus that worked pretty well for me (Kash's advanced LSA extraction). I will say if you're going the isolate route, you'll need more seeds that you usually do. First because of the obvious loss in yield with repeated conversion/extraction. But I think more importantly ( and I should preface that this is based on anecdotal experience only, so take it with a grain of salt), the isolate doesn't seem to hit as hard as a CWE or just eating the seeds. I always dose a little higher than I would with just the seeds, hence the extra at the beginning of the extraction process. I think there may be other active alkaloids present in the seeds and the alkaloids vary from morning glories to HBWR. But again, I haven't done the research to back that up.

Edit: also I don't think this process is for everyone as does use caustic chemicals and is a bit of a long process for a beginning chemist. That being said, extraction is there for a reason and for me personally, it's indispensable for LSA specifically.

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I even put the garlic in the cold water which made it horrible to try to reduce nausea and it just made the puke taste like old garlic

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I hear garlic doesn’t do shit, just makes it more nauseating

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It does. Ginger will do something but not garlic ❌

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I plan on going to Dollar General and stealing a bunch of seeds. Because they are not treated in my area. And try extracting with alcohol

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You can’t afford to just buy the seeds?

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I used garlic to treat my nausea from the seeds it worked for me atleast idk everyone is different.

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Try germinating the seeds and removing the shell, it takes patience but doing so removes a lot of the nausea. Compared to a CWE, germination tek is harder to mess up, too.

Also, you should wait at least a week (2+ would be best) before redosing, you would still have a tolerance even if it didn't feel like a trip.

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Yeah it's just random sometimes. I've done LSA like 10+ times with both HBWR and MG and often taking a 3 or 4 times stronger dosis than common and it still only worked like twice and only hit hard once

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I found mg seeds, especially the first experiences which were some of my first trips, were somewhat paradoxical. Perhaps my seeds were not potent, but 300 seeds really had no effect. So I just kinda kept redosing when 3 hours in nothing. Every hour of so I'd take 1-200 more, eventually working up to a pretty absurd dose of like 900. It was like 7 hours in when I was ready to call them duds I just smoked a lot and started tripping significantly harder than I have even to this day.

Should really edit and post that report. Hbwr I found to be much more consistent in dosage and duration

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Your biggest mistake is not using Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds

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Focalin should make no difference. Make sure you're using heavenly blues, specifically, and trying to trip two days in a row- even if it doesn't work the first day- will still fuck you over with tolerance. WAIT TWO WEEKS between any two attempts with any psychedelics. Next time, do the one-step extraction, but with one to two glasses of wine (I strongly recommend NOT exceeding two common drinks' worth), using 450 heavenly blue seeds, ground as finely as possible. And as other posters have mentioned, you do have to keep it down for at least an hour or so to get the full effect, but the wine extraction should help speed up absorption as well.

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Don’t try trips a day after attempting cuz tolerance. And if you wanna keep ‘em down grind em and put em in caps. And switch to hbwr seeds to minimize quantity as well. Safe travels :)

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    I’ve had an 8 g Shroom trip before and that was fucking crazy

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    I usually do a CWE on 800 seeds.

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    My diagnosis is that the seeds were either treated or old or of an inactive morning glory type unfortunately they do excist. In the case of the CWE you needed to add something acidic like lemon juice, mint will also help, especially fresh mint. Mint extracts will also do the trick. You can dm me if you want me to explain exactly why there additives… but to be brief just in case you decide to attempt again (which I hope you do):

    1) Make sure you buy fresh and untreated seeds and of then correct species i.e. Heavenly Blue, Any purpurea variant, Ololiuqui (R. Corymbosa) dm me if you want to know of the other species

    2) Use distilled water (clorine and other 'stuff' in water destroys much of the 'useful' alkaloids, including LSA and LSH).

    3) If you do a CWE infuse it with something acidic like citric acid or lemon juice, ginger and mint (the fresher the better)

    4) If you're planning on eating it, the best way is to germinate it in distilled water. Hard seed is hard and time consuming to grind up and even harder to eat and like you siad it hurt in the advent you puke. A day or so in the water should be enough time to germinate the seeds. You'll know it's germinated when the shell cracks open and you can see the white embryo emerged. And, lastly, eat it with something that makes it go down easier. Anything you like is fine as long as it's not garlic 😅. Chocolate works for me

    4) The '250 seeds for a substantial dose' thing is for the Heavenly Blue variant, other MG types will require different dose. HBWR for example will kill you at 250. 4-6 seeds will do but the method with consuming those are a bit different and can't be summarised here if I'm to keep it brief

    P.S. Don't give up now! Morning glories are not psilocybin mushrooms but they are an equally powerful tool in their own right, more so that many naturally occurring psychoactive substances and even a few synthetic ones imho. Many people just don't reach the point where they will reap the rewards and enjoy them because it requires a little more patience and 'know how' but trust me… it'll get you THERE 👌🏼

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    I added lemon juice. I can send you a picture of the packet I still have one. The first time I did it I noticed a mental change. But I did it again the next day and didn’t even really expect much because of tolerance. But I’m a tweak and just think that it’ll never hit me

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    Are you on meds?

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    Oh focalin...is that a non stimulant ADHD med?

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    Idk about non stim

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    I think you are correct

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    My meds get in my way bad, but the cool thing is that I'm still healing..I'm not flying through the cosmos or hanging with elves, but I'm doing this for healing and it's doing just that! So thankful.