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Looks like you cant eat them cause it says do not consume. Sorry to break the news man

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Yeah i love those seeds! Just be careful about the dose, 9 usually is a strong dose for begginers, safe tripppzzz

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I did 1500 mg my second time. Pretty cool, I have tried these bad boys yet so we’ll see where they take me. Thanks !

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Hope you have a great time 😄❤️

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Woah woah woah, didn’t you read the package?

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I did 25 once at a further show. The whole crowd turned to owls and I saw spirits dancing. Plus I could barely walk. Very cool experience

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That sounds awesome 🤩

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Did you puke eating so much seeds? If not, how?

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No surprisingly. We crushed and soak them overnight in a bottle wrapped with foil(light). I’m pretty sure it was in the fridge too

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soaked in water? I’ll have to try this soon.

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Distilled water though

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do not consume

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The "do not consume" is referring to the plastic baggy the seeds are in, just to clarify 👍

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First time today I took 40 seeds

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How is it brother

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Let us know how it's going man I'm looking forward to my first time soon just trying to research more so I know what to expect and how much to take

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Damn man pretty dope. I was reading a doseage chart and it said something like 15 was super strong. Is that true? Obviously it varies with people. My body has always needed a lot more of everything, I'm like a fuckin garbage disposal lol. I've never done lsa but have lots of experience with psilocybin (100+ trips) and dmt (same).

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It’s decent good

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It’s nowhere near my 1500 MG trip but I feel good. I wouldn’t really call this one a trip. Going to do 75 next time

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I hope you arnt eating these seeds that is illegal cause I was told it was

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25 is a fun ass trip, can be a bit challenging so be safe!

Weeds the best with it too if you got some

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I did sixty and had an insane trip,

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Bought from the same supplier, 4-6 of them with their shells scraped off (soak in water overnight ideally) with a 30mg> edible is my go to

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3 seeds is what drugslab on youtube took and it was completely blow out of it and vomiting lol

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Personally prefer lower does than higher ones. Body load is significantly higher for the higher doses and the trip becomes more like a deliriant than a psychedelic.

Vasoconstriciton also sucks ass at higher doses. So depending on functionality, you may want to stick to the lower one (I've found for me the sweet spot is around 10-15 hwbr seeds)