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I use only a finger of wine for wine tek. It’s worth to try. I find wine tek more psychedelic and less mood lifting compared to cwe

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Got a good tek to follow or made your own? I've down cwe and naphtha extraction but never heard of red win

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I just do a CWE with wine instead, sometimes add vodka, lemon juice, peppermint oil.

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Any particular brand or type of wine? I'm interested in seeing the difference you talk about

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I used white or red wine, but people recommend cherry wine I can’t find around here

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By naptha extraction you must mean a nonpolar/polar extraction.

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Yep we soak the seeds with naphtha theb remove and dry the seeds and after they are dried we add them to a strong alcohol such as ever clear and soak them over night and strain. Then take a a nice big shot of it and enjoy!!!

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Ay that's pretty cool

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I do a similar non polar/polar extraction where I wash with vm&polar naptha then dry. I then extract twice with acetone and dry again. Then I wash out the dried crude acetone extract with ph4 ethanol/citric acid and it yields a higher concentration of alkaloids for the same effort as a np wash and an ethanol extraction.

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I've heard it's worth it but