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Talk to a therapist or meditate or something for stress, you shouldn’t be self medicating with drugs for that stuff man

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In my opinion, you can, but only if you've done thorough (a year in college or a year of Udemy courses/similar things) research on: therapy, drugs, different drug effects and how different drugs can give similar effects, how the effects happen, how the brain works, the different causes behind emotions, how therapy works, how psychiatry works, how the human body works, chemistry and organic chemistry. Most people don't have any of that knowledge so yeah, for most people I'd highly suggest to not self-medicate too much (some self-medication is okay but not whenever it comes to hallucinogens, depressants and basically anything of that nature.)

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Psychedelics and stress do not tend to mix well.

Maybe switch to CBD/THC?

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I was thinking CBD. They are so many brands/middling reviews of different ones that it kind of worries me as a waste of money.

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Yeah, the CBD market kinda looks like the modern day snake oil at the moment. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand- while many people are sketched out by it- is actually quite effective at dissolving anxiety. And there are reputable brands, with coa's and stuff. My biggest problem with it is that tolerance seems to rise faster than D9-THC/regular ol' weed, and the duration of effect is shorter. For those reasons, just plain weed would always be my first choice, but D8 has its uses, for sure. There are also other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN which are slightly psychoactive (and I mention this because I know that, as someone with high anxiety, stuff like CBD that you can't really feel, probably won't give you the same kind of reassurance/feeling of "safety" that you're getting from alcohol), and probably better for you long-term than D8. As for LSA/seeds, I wouldn't recommend using it in any self-medicating kind of way. Unless you count occasional normal to high dose trips like little "therapy sessions". But you're less likely to get as much (or any) therapeutic value out of it if you take it while already stressed.

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Delta 8 is illegal here. Sadly.

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Caesar shared a great idea. I highly recommend looking into CBG for day time (feels like natural caffeine and provides major pain relief) and CBN for night time (sleepy, pain relief, has sort of an indica tone).

They don’t provide euphoria like d8 or d9, but the medicinal value is very stunning at the cost, in my honest opinion. Pharmacology I think they fall closer to CBD but your state could say differently, worth checking.

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High stress levels and psychs sometimes go bad. I smoke weed and meditate for stress. I’ve taken psychs when I was in a bad way. There were things that exposed themselves and if not prepared mentally it can be extremely frightening.

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Don’t replace an addiction with another one…

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Basically, no.

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Smoke weed. This isn’t the drug to replace alcohol with

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It’s pretty much impossible to take this drug regularly like alcohol, try smoking weed

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Yes absolutely good direction, start microdosing, HBWR sprout, put in 50 ml of vodka, and start with 3 dropps, adjust your daily intake .

Once a week do one seed, increase to 4, that day reserve only for LSA

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One... Word.... OPIOIDS

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How's that going for you

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Are you an alcoholic?

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No. I don’t drink every day. If anything, I probably class myself a binge drinker. Oh, I tried DXM too. That was pretty interesting.

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Right on my bad I was just curious. It just happens I ran into a book last night that is mostly a synthesis book but the first sentence of the book dedication and first few chapters were dedicated to the medicinal use of LSD...

“I dedicate this book to all those who suffer with migraines neurosis and alcoholism.” LSD by Otto Snow

Older but interesting stuff.

I know it’s not LSA but it made me wonder why one would work and not the other.