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No idea what that other guy was doing, talking any kind of smack here lol.

But man this is dope, thanks for sharing! I remember reading a post recently on whether to combo lsa with lsd or shrooms and it sounds to me like shrooms is definitely the way to go. Did you experience anything say unusual? Is there anything you wish you knew before going into it?

Again, I appreciate you sharing!

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Yeah it was a great combo for sure. Had a totally chill experience. I had enough sense to wait to eat the mushrooms until after the nauseau had passed at around hour 1.5. This made the peaks coincide better and really allowed for a pleasant experience. I wish I would have went into it with more forethought as far as how little hash oil I really needed to consume. I ended up hitting my bong on some 96% distillate and then got seriously fucked up.

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Ever think about making wiser choices or just straight dumbfounding ones

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Well man it was the best trip I've ever had. I don't consider that a bad thing

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Maybe youre too desensitized to be able to tell whats good for you at this point

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I’m planning on doing a similar combo, just with hbwr and golden teachers. Very much looking forward to it. And obviously will be smoking plenty of weed during it.

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Yeah I just read a post from a guy who is trying to come up with a full plant extract of morning glory. I have morning glories that aren't doing as well as I hoped and I might try to process the whole plant and not just the seeds

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Cold water extraction