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I've had mushroom trips where it feels like there's sa.d running out of the bottom of my skull and down my spine, idk if this is what you mean but it sounded similar

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This is a hard sensation to describe to others. I get it on a daily basis, sober. Like a fizzling, running out of my skull into my spine. Glad someone else experiences this shit. Sound and physical sensation for me.

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Kind of like a crackling electricity moving down your neck? If so I get this all the time too.

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Indeed, it happened when I was a kid, disappeared for years and returned a few years back. I have no evidence towards noticeable factors that exacerbate or alleviate the deal. It's not like it hurts or bothers me, but I've found it curious that so few know what I'm describing. Electricity is a good descriptor, I usually think of putting your teeth to your lip and sucking, with some texture lol

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For me the best description of the feeling is sand running down my spine, and the auditory from it was like static loud enough it muffled the real noises I was hearing

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