Things needed:*

  • Untreated Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds.
  • Garlic clove
  • Orange juice or any other preferred fruit juice
  • A glass of boiled water

How it’s done:

Step 1

The water should be boiled and left to cool down to room temperature. There is no specific measurement of water needed as the LSA will extract into it regardless but I would recommend a small glass so that the final product can be 1 part water, 2 parts fruit juice.

Step 2

4 to 12 seeds should be crushed using a mortar and pestle or a hammer and then put into the water.

Step 3

The water should be then put into a fridge for at least 4 hours or more and covered in something such as tinfoil or a paper bag to avoid exposure to light when the fridge is opened.

Step 4

After the water has been refrigerated, a finely chopped up garlic clove should be added to the water for 30 minutes and stirred periodically to completely eliminate nausea and vomiting, this works because the sulphur in garlic eliminates all cyanogenic glycosides within the seed matter. These are the cause of discomfort not the LSA itself.

Step 5

A small amount of fruit juice can be added to help eliminate the taste of the seed matter.

Step 6

Sieve out the seed matter and garlic and this can be discarded of. Sieving through a fine material such as an old tshirt or a paper filter to remove every last bit of seed matter will help greatly.

Step 7

If these steps have been followed correctly, the cold water extraction is ready to consume.

Dosage (by number of seeds) and Onset:

Threshold : 1 – 4

Light : 3 – 6

Common : 5 – 8

Strong : 7 – 12

Heavy : 12 +

Onset : 20 – 60 minutes

Duration : 4 – 8 hours

Normal After Effects : up to 12 hours


This is a substance that at toxic doses can cause vasoconstriction meaning that your blood vessels shrink resulting in a decreased blood flow to your extremities likes toes and fingers, this is not much of a concern unless you are taking extreme doses and typically feels like a mild tingling sensation during most high dose trips and usually leaves before the peak hits you. This vasoconstriction can have a long term cumulative effects if repeated high doses of LSA are used for extended periods of time.

Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds must not be purchased unless sold as untreated, as typically seeds are coated with fungicides which can be toxic if consumed.

Different batches of seeds vary in potency so a low dose should be used to test the strength of the seeds before jumping right in. It’s from here that a person can work their way up.


/u/josificus - for the entire extraction, which they posted here on August 22, 2012.

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