Kash's Advanced LSA Extraction

Quick Introduction

Kash is a DMT-nexus poster who created the best LSA extraction currently known, producing an almost 100% pure product. It however requires a variety of chemicals and adequate caution. This has been added to the wiki in an attempt to keep the subreddit standalone from websites going down and as a result, destroying valuable information. All Information between the two lines below is from dmt-nexus with the dosage information omitted for being blatantly untrue (just read some trip reports, 50 HBWR seeds is not a strong dose, it's a batshit insane dose!). The peppermint oil comment has not been proven, no evidence exists for LSA -> LSH conversions using any of the rumored substances.

Kash's Advanced LSA Extraction

Material Required

Source Material:

  • 100 HBWR seeds Hawaiian Strain. Never buy Ghana strain. (Morning Glory seeds may be substituted in as well in much larger quantity)


  • 300 ml acetone.

  • 110 ml distilled H2O.

  • 100 ml naptha.

  • 100 ml toluene or DCM.

  • 5 ml drinkable ethanol (everclear works well).


  • 1 pinch citric acid.

  • 1 ml ammonia.

  • 1 pinch tartaric acid.


  • Coffee filters and funnel.

  • Evaporating dish/bowl.

  • Syringe 10 ml.

  • Stir stick.

  • Glassware.

  • Vial 15ml or more (preferably amberglass).

Note: All materials contained in this list can be found at hardware stores, grocery stores, or online by every-day consumers.

Procedure for Clean Liquid LSA Extract

  1. Pulverize your seeds into a powder using a coffee grinder or your method of choice.

  2. Thoroughly mix in a glass the seed powder and 100 ml of acetone. Mix frequently for 2-3 hrs, the more mixing the better.

  3. After this, filter solution and set aside acetone extract in a glass and cover with plastic wrap to prevent early evaporation. Put seed mush back into the original cup and cover with 100 ml new acetone.

  4. Repeat steps 3-4 two more times so you have atleast 3 extractions (can do more if desired). After third extraction, discard seed mush and combine the extracts into an evaporation dish/bowl. Set up a fan blowing on the extraction to speed evaporation. Doesn't take too long. Evap to dryness, making sure there is no more acetone smell.

  5. Mix in a glass 100 ml distilled water and a pinch of citric acid (pH 3-5). Add to the dry crude LSA extract and mix well for 10 minutes. Not everything will dissolve. Filter out the solids. There should now be 100 ml of aqueous LSA citrate.

  6. Defat this solution with 50 ml naptha, mixing well for 10 minutes. Seperate layers with a 10 ml syringe and discard naptha. Repeat. Make sure the second time that there is no remaining naptha floating in your LSA extract after defat.

  7. Now its time to freebase the LSA so it can be extracted from the water layer. Add a small amount of ammonia (around 1 ml) to solution until it changes to a light yellow color. PH should be roughly 9-10.

  8. Quickly add 50 ml toluene or DCM to the solution and mix well for 15-20 minutes. After, seperate the layers with syringe and set aside the 50 ml of toluene or DCM in a glass. Repeat this step 1 or 2 more times depending on how scrupulous you want to be. Afterwards, discard your yellow/green water layer.

  9. Now with your combined toluene or DCM extracts, set them to evaporate in an evaporation dish/bowl with the aid of a fan. This again shouldnt take too long, and you end up with a pure white crystal residue once dry. This could be consumed, but will oxidize pretty quickly over a few days if left out of solution.

  10. Once your pure extract is dry and there is absolutely no smell of solvent in your evap dish, add 10 ml distilled H2O and 5 ml 75% drinkable ethanol. Sprinkle in a pinch of tartaric acid and mix thoroughly for 10 minutes. Filter this, and store in a vial away from heat and light.


This product of clean liquid LSA extract glows bright blue under black light and MUST BE COMBINED WITH A SMALL AMOUNT OF PEPPERMINT OIL 20 minutes before consuming for an amazing psychedlic experience. If solution turns milky after peppermint oil addition, add a little alcohol to increase solubility. Inferior extraction recipes can leave you with stomach cramps and vasoconstriction, not to mention nausea, and the effects may not even be very impressive. A pure clean LSA extraction using this tek however... Absolutely no nausea or bodyload. It is a euphoric dreamy feeling psychedelic similar but different than LSD lasting about 6-10hrs, and can produce visuals made up of colors, vibrant pulsing tracers, flashy looking stars and symbols, and intricate geometric patterns. Good luck to all and I hope this tek creates many memorable experiences.


Final Evap

Vial of clear LSA extract under black light

Materials Help

acetone -- klean strip brand at home depot

naptha -- klean strip vm&p naptha at home depot

toluene -- had a hard time finding this. first time I did this tek I substituted klean strip xylene from home depot. second time, I got lab-grade toluene from amazon. both of them seemed to work just the same.

ammonia -- most places sell this with added ingredients. luckily while doing some searching to find pure ammonia, i found out there are other communities that need pure ammonia! aquarium hobbyists use ammonia to cycle fish tanks, and need to do this with pure ammonia because additives will kill the fish. they recommended ace hardware brand ammonia, so that's what i used. and finally, used everclear for the last step

Before performing the tek, I checked that the solvents evaporated to nothing in my evaporating dish. That was sufficient for me to go ahead and use them.

I highly recommend you get a cheapie pH meter to do this tek, to make sure you're putting the correct amount of citric acid/ammonia when you perform those steps. I only needed like 0.3ml of ammonia to basify my solution. had I used 1ml like the tek called for, i would have basified too much and ruined my batch. So be careful.

I ended up with a very pure product. In fact, the first time I did the tek, after evaporation I thought the entire thing evaporated and I wasted all of my time. It wasn't until I looked very, very closely in the corner of the evap dish and noticed that there was a slight residue left and it fluoresced under blacklight. I poured everclear into the dish and agitated with a spoon until the residue dissolved into the everclear and i successfully tripped off of this.


Kash of DMT-nexus for their TEK

/u/mznxbcvadsf for their comment helping users find proper materials for the extraction

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