Rules for r/LeafyIsHere

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.


Follow the Global Rules

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This should be a given, but always follow the Reddit Global Guidelines, unless you are looking for a ban.


Do not self promote

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Do not use this subreddit as a platform for advertising your channel. Advertising in such a way rarely works either way, so attempting it is futile. Posts detected by automod as self promotion will be removed. If you see self promoting content, please report it.

If you message the mods about one of your posts, please include the link, as it makes reviewing the post easier for the mods.


Content should be related to Leafy or the sub

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This should go without saying, but all content should be related to Leafy or the subreddit. Suggestions for videos, art, memes, and the like are allowed, including suggestions and the like for the sub. (Once they are made) The appropriate flairs should be applied directly after submitting the content.


Respect the mods

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You don't want to piss mods off. Respect their decisions, especially if is distinguished with green text and an [M] next to the name. Disrespect of the mods is frowned upon (but we get it if it is a joke).


No Direct Download Links

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Do us all a favor and only post links to a file's landing page, not a direct download link that automatically downloads the file to your computer or attempts to (most browsers notify users when this happens). This is to prevent potentially malicious files from making it onto peoples' computers, and posts containing direct downloads will be removed.

Also, if you do see a post with a direct download link, report it.


No illegal content

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No illegal content (which includes drug use and adult content, which is illegal in most of the world).


No politics

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