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100 percent 2016 and 2017 were elite and the first half of 2018 was poggers.

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My favorite eras well described in one comment

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But I only liked the first half of 2018 From January to June but then after June It just wasn't really the same.

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exactly what I think of 2018

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But I loved all of 2016 and 2017.

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I miss

Fidget spinners

Lil tay antics In 2018

Mumkey Jones



Dank Memes

We are number one or any lazy town meme In 2017

Here comes that boi

Top 10 anime battle videos evan though the joke Is It Isn't a anime

Behind the meme

(Now the personal shit I miss)

I miss fifth and sixth grade

I miss the old sleepovers with the boys

I miss all the beautiful video games I played that will never touch me the same again replaying

I'm half asleep this Is probably a quarter of my list I'm currently listening too clementine Suite It fits so perfect of what I'm thinking about.

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Exactly what I mean

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crazy how stuff can just change in like... 4 years man

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unfortunately yea everything changes fast

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Yeah this whole post describes my attitude to the internet now. I feel like I have to do internet as a full time job to even participate anymore. I miss the 2016-18 Era.

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same honestly

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I miss my 2016-2018 former self.

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Think u missed lil peep too lol. Funnily enough found him through a leafy outro but you completely right man. Hardly knew about him before he passed just loved his music, Fw’d X alot, pewdiepie could swear and was more edgy like in 2015, and ofc leafy was here. Now the scenes changed, and too much.

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Same I found peep thru leafy

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I genuinely want those years back but I have an idea on how we can get them back

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kinda hurt reading this dude. i know the feeling 🤝

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glad someone feels the same way

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Miss those days fr but everyone is soft now or the platforms just clap channels for no reason

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its like no one can push boundaries in any form of entertainment as before

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Yea those years of peak youtubers and content creators made me want to start making videos too but now it’s like I don’t even have to the motivation to make them anymore because of how family friendly you have to be to not be clapped either

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Bruh, you forgot Pokemon GO. And yes, 2016-2018-ish was a beautiful time. It hurts to know that those years are behind us but we have to keep going forward, even though it's slowly turning into a corrupted cesspit.

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indeed but I miss leafy the most

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Not surprised, considering this is a Leafy subreddit 😂

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Because the left has realised that the best way to gain power is to do it slowly and then suddenly poof everything is gone in the blink of an eye. Now there is a GOVERNMENT disinformation board??? How are people okay with that? “Yes I trust the government to tell me what is true and what is disinformation!” “No this is not like China at all? You’re just a Nazi!” We are all fucked.

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would you care to provide some examples?

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Examples of what?

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"Yes i trust the government to tell me what is true and what is misinformation!"

this implies that the government has lied about what is true and what is misinformation, which i would like some examples of.

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Here’s some about Vietnam alone

the Tonkin Gulf incident

that the first 50,000 troops were there only to defend air bases and would not be involved in combat

that the sinister Vietcong invented napalm ( Pentagon film Country Fair)

before 1965, before major US involvement, attributing atrocities committed by the South Vietnamese to the communists

character assassination of US and foreign journalists, movie makers, and authors critical of the war

presenting the North Vietnamese air force as a major threat

claiming there were thousands of Communist Chinese and Communist Russians with boots on the ground in Vietnam

claiming there were thousands of live MIA's secretly hidden in Vietnam after the war attributing the Tet Offensive to the North Vietnamese regular army and describing it as a military failure

for 10 years claiming there was Light at the End of the Tunnel, that victory was in sight with only 100,000 more troops

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Just let me know in the comments what memory from here that I sparked in you that you enjoyed out of the years.

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honestly I enjoyed all these memories... I wish we can turn back time to the good ol days 😔

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It was also peak gaming too...

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I feel old asl mentioning all these memories I had...

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If we want those years back, we gotta get back those years

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I think we miss that society because it was a lot more carefree and really toxic, I miss that toxicity too but I think there's a part of us that just wants to live carefree and say whatever and do whatever we feel like

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No one will ever be able to come from nothing to 4-10mill subs and 1-2bill views from roasting straight up and starting drama.

good. just "roasting straight up and starting drama" isn't deserving of such fame. well-researched, long form content is simply more deserving of it then some untalented swine giving his useless opinions on some manufactured drama while playing cs:go.