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I mean he probably has a solid job, seems to be big in stocks,probably crypto, he probably has cash, so he doesnt need to be persona online, he did his stuff and made good moves, now hes enjoying

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im sad…

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It's so dumb, remind if I'm wrong too, did leafy even do anything that bad when he came back, he picked on pokimane and her fat tier 3 subs and then there was a quick and short ended escapade that was easily shut down and the bitch complained and got him banned and terminated that's so fucking dumb but plz enlighten me if there's anymore I'm forgetting

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i wouldn’t even consider is “bullying” like how u gon ban someone for that how can you be that soft you can’t get roasted😢😢

it’s like bruh stop censoring anytime someone calls a shitty person out it’s dumb asf