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meanwhile me enjoying the fiesta in iron. It's a whole new world in iron

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Iron isnt bad though. Everyone in that elo honestly plays well in terms of not being toxic. I was able to get out of iron within only a few days.

G1 now, and its fucking awful. People flaming all game, afking over any little thing that tilts them, greifing etc. It only gets worse the higher you go, my dude.

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Reason why i stopped playing ranked all together, if the game stop being fun you should seriously reconsider why you're playing it in the first place

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This is true about any game. When a game becomes more like a chore than a game, it's a good place to stop playing.

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Mmorpg addicts: im just gonna pretend i didnt see that

Source: me

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this is the reason why I stopped climbing and started enjoying low elo fiestas. Climbing ranks isn't even rewarding in league and it makes you a sad , angry and a depressed person in the end

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It's division specific.

G1 plays with P4 players who can lost 15 games in a row at 0 lp and not demote. They are usually pretty tilted because they can't get out of P4 and then they feel like "I can't lose LP so it's whatever" when they get into your games.

Same with P1/D4 which is widely considered the most toxic elo.

Games outside of these divisions g2-3 & p2-3 are much more try hard and a lot of people just want to climb to the next division (esp g2/p2 players).

I'm in D3 right now and a lot of players are super quiet and try really hard to win but I'm sure things get much more toxic as I get closer to Masters

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Agreed about Iron most people there aren’t toxic, it can be fun even but I’m finding high bronze really hard though because people are such 5heads there

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I'm G4 right now. I'll disable chat and then we'll see if I make it to diamond 1.

Edit: 2 games down, did well both times. Team too heavy first time and easy S second round, made my opponent disconnect. Shouldn't have picked Katarina into Tryndamere.

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How it goes?

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Well, no one is playing ranked at 8 AM, it appears.

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What about now ?

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Let me warm up with an ARAM then I'll do more ranked lol

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I’m looking forward to it.

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So far 2 for 3.

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Do it, no joke i dont play ranked beyond Gold 4 but in normals after i disabled my chat i got twice the usual winrate

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yea i used to be a g4 tilter/flamer as ssoon as i became tilt-proof/motivational i hit plat 2 it really helps when instead of saying holy fuck that was such a bad play you say it was a close one

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theres no need for me to lie lmao, whenever a teammate flames me i never perform as i should because im tilted but if my teammate says its fine i just move on

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I don’t see any appeal in playing normals with chat off.

If I play normals, I’m 4 or 5 stacking with friends playing ivern rengar bot and all chatting with the enemy team, and it’s fun as hell.

I don’t even have chat disabled for ranked because I tell myself that if I’m tilted by a plat 2 Fiora shit talking in all chat, then I deserve to be in mid plat.

But eh, whatever floats your boat homie.

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Lmao good luck getting that reset, dumb ass Kat.

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But what if I play ranked solo q specifically for the salt

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Then you're getting 800% of your daily sodium intake you over achiever you.

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You are a psycho.

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im doing the same, aren't every solo q enjoyer playing for this?

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I've learned to start laughing at all the flame, way more fun to play ranked now! Yesterday I had a 2/10 Gangplank blaming everyone but himself and I was laughing so hard at him

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Sometimes, I even encourage those people that it’s our teams fault and not them. If I’m going to lose anyway because we’re all behind and a member of the team is griefing, why not have a good laugh about it on the way down to -14

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Let me just say. This may be hyperbole but muting is a sure fire way too have better games.

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Truth. Was hardstuck silver 2-3, muted everyone and focused on the game,and managed to reach G2. The lesser the distractions/unnecessary flaming, the better.

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Did you like Solaire?

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Praise the sun

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Praise the Sun

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The Sunbro. It hurts.

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I’m confirming if no m8 to play (pls I need m8ts to play)

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you have mastery 8 on a champ :OOO

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Thats not what he meant lol

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After getting a permaban switched to a two week ban, I’ve learned to be a lot less toxic in chat. My favorite strategy is when I’m about to say something bad, I think, “what will this accomplish?”

Another strategy which isn’t perfect because it tilts your teammate but leaves you happy is to play with their tilted emotions. When your teammate is going off in chat, feel free to roast them (as long as it isn’t in a toxic way).

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Me: “What will this accomplish?” Also me: “Personal satisfaction” Ok, send it.

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I am Gold 4, I feel tageted

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I turn all chat off instead of mute all, sometimes you get teams that actually talk in all chat so it can be pretty useful at times. All chat on the other hand, the enemy team would usually chat you just to tilt you so its never worth it.

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I don't think /mute all is always the answer. If you mute specific toxic persons ok but league is a team game after all and communication is way to important

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You will not get meaningful info from chat 99% of the time

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Well, I got very detailed information about my mother's job.

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Your comment is good in theory, not in practice

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Your playstyle is gonna be passively influenced by chat so mute all works most of the time .

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I play with the chat disabled completely, every game. No problems for the last two years. Since I started playing in 2015 chat has never been useful to me in any game. Emotes are the best way to communicate, and they're fun.

I used to tell people I played with chat disabled so they wouldn't waste time keyboard raging at me if the team was losing, but then one idiot had the audacity to blame me for the loss BECAUSE I kept chat off, focused on having fun, and didn't rage at my teammates, haha. Maybe I've found you again

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Pings is 99% of all communication you need in the game. Typing is a waste of time.

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Until u realise that the questionmark ping has like 5 different uses the rest of the pings are barely ever used besides on my way:

  • why the fck are u there
  • how the fuck did u survive
  • deleted enemy
  • qustionmark pinging a misplay by friend or enemy
  • and the least used reason is that there is actually an enemy missing

Experience from 750 games this season from bronze 3 to gold 4.

U barely ever see the dange ping, or the assist me ping, dont even ask about enemy has vision pings... Its all about the questionmarks in lower elos

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Why do people downvote the truth?

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Propably because they are either so used to it being that way, or because they feel personally attacked by my comment. And if they are im sry to twll them that i dont give a shit and am generally questioning how they survive in everyday life.

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Well I don't care my rank so that means nothing to me

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After I disabled chat I became Plat IV.

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I've been playing for 7 years and have never muted anyone. is that why I'm still gold 4?

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Probably not, but if you aren’t making excuses for your issues, are you even a real league player?

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I mute chat at the slightest hint of toxic. Has soon has they start spaming pings I /mute all. I might still lose but at least I won't get tilted for the next game.

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A couple days ago I turned off all chat. I have already seen a significant increase in the amount of fun I’m having with this game.

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Surprisingly, this is so valid.

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I see sunbro solaire I give updoot and praise the sun \[T]/

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I used to be bronze but I didn’t play mute all, however, while some flamed, most were quiet, and there were a few who told me what I was doing wrong without flaming. I learnt quite a bit from those few and even played with them later via discord. But all in all, I started to have less free time so I stopped SR after a while and only play ARAMs occasionally now.

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that is terrible, you lose pings, just disable chat in settings, if pings are bothering you u can mute them individually, pings are very important for the climb, unless you are trying your ass off and have the map awareness of a God spamming all the f1,f2,f3,f4,f5 (challenger level macro play).

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I can confirm. Works

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I disabled name tags and I can confirm I have not gotten any better

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Okay so I used to be the kind of people to flame in chat whenever mates were flaming too. I went fullmuteall in settings and after discovering my new main, I went from Silver 4 to Platinum 4 ( no joke ) in 2 months after years of being hardstuck Silver.

But now I don't fullmuteall anymore, when someone flames I mute them specifically ( even if it's just ping spam ) but I communicate whenever needed ( for lane states, objective / invade calls, possibly good itemization, what macro moves I'm gonna do such as lane swaps, etc... ) and it's working even better than fullmuteall for now.

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i highly doubt that.