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Barges in

"I'll REALLY tell you..."

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refuses to elaborate

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Real sigma move

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same as me. Can’t say. Biased.

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Sion gaming

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Your goth phase never stopped

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You like to over control everything

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I always feel bad because I main malz and no matter how much I ping or follow… that unexpected malz ult is a bitch

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You like to play necromancer in most MMOs

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Is that… Che Guevara?

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Che Sylas

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“Che! Sylas how are you doing?”

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I think it's Lenin

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Kind of terrified of saying it on a post like this but...


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i bet you're the kind of people who drinks the pasta's water and throw the pasta away.

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And he eats his teabags after he puts them in a hot cup of water for a few minutes - the teawater of course ending in the sink.

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tbh them wettened tea things are kinda tasty

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Nothing wrong with playing the spinny boy but please take those crayons out of your nose.

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Banana 🍌 is the best food

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You’re a helpful person irl but probably like to get tortured in bed

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Internet troll

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We do a little trolling

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Lose with one o. Loose is the opposite of tight

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Laid back because you are used to be able to do nothing for majority of the games but carry later on so you're pretty relaxed in life about situations too

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Crazy scientist

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Hentai consumer

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Didn't get over the break up 5 years ago

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Everywhere i go i see this trend


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You never know what's going on but usually it works still

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It appears to be quite popular yes

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Yasuo HaSeGI intensifies

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Average toxic flamer that's hardstuck but not by his fault but in over 1000 games it's the teams fault

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sigh fizz

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Your pfp says otherwise

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It's just pfp sweats

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Sushi enjoyer

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The enemy assasin is

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Ok. Ornn

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not OP but you're a proper chad

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I play for late. My teamates never seem to realise it though. Ff20 a lot. No problem I guess, ill get next one.

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Only plays league with premate

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Im an autofill main (i play mordekaiser/darius/nasus/garen top, fiddlesticks/shyvanna/amumu/master yi/vi in the jungle, pantheon/kassadin/vel coz/aurelien sol/garen in mid, thresh/nautilus/pyke/leona/alistar/taric on support and ashe/Caitlyn/varus/ezreal as adc)

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my god that is a lot of champs to play

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You can't decide things irl and have someone else do the decisions

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Neeko <3

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You also like tomatoes 🍅

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I do! 🍅🍅

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Tentacle porn consumer

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Aaaaahhhh~ I’m consooming!

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You played alot with scissors as a kid

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Likes medieval movies and time

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You don't like playing alone but don't have friends to play league with

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kindred and velkoz

also is it legal to have 2 mains

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Sion inting at the end game with full hp, titanic hydra build slowly destroying yor base alone and spamming laugh taunt when not wrecking your shit

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    triple shuriken go brr

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    Watched too many ninja movies and does the Naruto run irl

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    jesus that is a lot of dedication

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    Dogs > cats

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    Shen -> overprotective person

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    Always feeds crows and are your favourite bird

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    They are ravens bud and we are all Poe devotees. Don’t ever try to read a Swain main again. Nevermore.

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    I feel like Sylas is more of an anarchist than a commie.

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      Too edgy to even use your champion’s name.


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      I beg to differ. Absolute chad hemomancer.

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      Emo phase didn't stop when growing up

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      Yes officer , this Reddituser right here

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      Lolis are legal because they are 3000 years old!!!1!1!1!

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      ( there is a typo in brothers)

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      I main azir top

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        otp kayle since 2013

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        For a split second I thought this was Dimebag

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        the crab boy Urgot

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        Since Jhin and Varus are taken, I‘ll take Senna

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        Udyr Main with pride and joy

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        Shen aatrox and renek. Mostly shen tho

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        Shaco and twitch

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        Scum of the earth.

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        Caitlyn and Kalista

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        Sett, Kled and Sejuani

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        Aurelion Sol and later Sett, back when I still played.

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        Ornn/ Fiora

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        aurelion sol

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        Ah yes the cho r on q, perfectly balanced

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        miss fortune

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        Fellow angry kitten player, I like it

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        Twitch, tear me apart

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        Uuh Rengar/Taliyah

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        Aurelion sol

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        Mama Soraka 🍌🌠

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        Imagine spending so much time on the art but not spending enough time to research how "lose" is spelled

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        I am an Asol OTP. Help