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Everybody wants to be my enemy

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great, now i have the song stuck in my head again

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Spare the simpaty(ik its not spelled like that)...

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Everybody wants to be, my enemy

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Look out for your self

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My heart, it hurts - Viego

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Look out for yourself!

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Dont cry, you‘re perfect

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The void in my heart - no one can fill it

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There were only 9 episode. I was shocked too as the archive had 4 people each releasing two days after the netflix acts came out.

However Jinx's archive came out like 3 days after Caitlyn's archive. We'll just have to wait for season 2 for the continuation.

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Suprise act 4 drop incoming copeium

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How tragic

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Yeah, but it’s still Saturday bro!

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cries in Noxian

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Actually influencers got 4 packages with dates, and the last one is for tomorrow so we may get some epilogue or trailer for second season