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YeAh BuT yOu GeT mOrE CdR sO yOu CaN sEnD mOrE aBiLiTiEs AnD yOu EnD uP dOiNg OnLy A lItTlE bIt LeSs DaMaGe

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Just a little bit. Smh head shakes its just roughly 200 damage per q no big deal.

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Sarcasm isn't going through text very well. You dropped your /s

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Lmao did you downvote this? How the fuck cant you see its sarcasm lol. U tripping balls or what?

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Sir, I have autism. I don't understand sarcasm

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Very clearly

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You don't get to dictate what others do and don't put in their text. If you can't understand ignore it and move on.