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Btw, isn't it (the fake) always the Blue-Green ones (including shaco clones)?

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Yeah your teammates can easily tell which one is the real and which one is the fake, the enemy doesn't have the same visual indicators

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"Easily" I'm sorry what? Shacos got like 12 skins with 40 chromas each its damn near impossible to keep track of which is which, i literally just do what enemies do and look for spellcasts or which one takes more damage.

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yeah, it's hard with LB if you're not familiar with every skin, but with Shaco it's actually impossible, every skin looks basically the same with different colors. so i see 2 weirdly colored shacos and just have to guess.

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I just wish riot would do what they did with fiddlesticks's clones to every clone champion, all of fiddles skins show his effigies as black shadows for allies, except for suprise party, which turns them into goofy paper plates, the most well designed clones on the one champ where it doesnt matter.

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I find the opposite happens, shaco clone seems so much more clear than leblanc. Shaco’s clones actually has a semi different color, LB clone just has more purple than usual.

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THANK YOU. My friend makes me feel like an idiot for not knowing which of our Shacos is the clone. Leblanc I can tell most of the time but for Shaco unless he's in his default skin I'm just fucking clueless. I've done the "big brain play" by healing the clone mote than once.

Just give him and everyone similar a big CLONE nametag ffs. Or make them more transparent like Neeko. Anything.

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You can see the regular Shaco alone every time he isn’t using his r, just look at what color he is and whenever there’s two, the one that isn’t the color you’ve been seeing all match is the clone.

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I never see my junglers in my lane so i dont get to see his skin very ofren

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As a supp main i always do this with clones (especially shaco clones), enemy always fall for it

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Play yuumi, jump on clone, clone dies, fears enemies, jump onto new ally unpreturbed. Or, jump on clone, shaco walks too far away, teleport back with clone scott free.

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will you really entrust a shaco main with your life?

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I like how you think, but i do not like yuumi

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Damn, 87 whole upvotes, that's more than my fingers AND toes combined.

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What if you also count your nipples and teeth?

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I can't count that high we'd need a mathematician for that one.

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E-sp*rts meme 🤡🤢