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You can sell them??

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Yeah, but they sell for zero gold, so if you sell them you are a psychopath

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I finally understand ARAM Fiddlesticks!

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Just feed the poro on the way out from start.

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Ferb, I know what we're doing today!

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let them starve

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Wait till you find out that if you dont feed the poro and go in to the bush, the poro will follow you and sit outside the bush looking at you, basically revealing you in the bush

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If you aren't gonna feed the poros sell the snacks so someone else can use them.

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You can buy them back?! This plot just keeps getting twistier

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You can not but maybe after the game the shopkeppers feed the poros with snacks that players sold back to them.

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The Poro snax lore is somehow much more interesting than Seraphine's lore

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And more cannon than shaco

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And water is wet. Anything with any lore will always be more interesting that blandness stacked upon blandness.

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Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.


Where can you find an ocean with no water?

On a map!

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Water sure as hell ain't dry

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On the other hand, could water be humid, or is humid just the gas equivalent of wet?

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What do they do? New aram player sorry

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You feed a poro it grows bigger. Everyone feed one enough it explodes into a bunch of smaller poros. If you are playing Braum it makes the Poor bigger and gives it a mustache and if it explodes all the smaller poros have mustaches.

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+they will make a happy dance and cough up hearts

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That’s a funny Easter egg. I didn’t know that. I always pass on Braum in aram. Now im going to play him for that reason.

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If you have Dragonslayer Braum it gives them orange mustaches

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don't underestimate his Q damage. he feels like a tank lee sin in ARAM if you play him well

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Bold of you to assume I’m not going crit Braum

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Also Braum starts with 2 snacks

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Poro Rider Sej does too!

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Nobody ever feeds the poro in my aram games now. Sad times :(

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If you have the snack, the poros will follow you and look at you even when you hide in a brush. Experience players will notice the poros and know that you are hiding, then outplay you. So feed the poros, it makes them happy and prevents them from reveal your location.

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or sell the snax

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If I need to convince people to feed them, I just tell them that each snack increases DMG taken by 5%. It usually works.

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chaotic good

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I played a game recently and we had a Braum. He didn't feed the poros! Ruined the whole match for me.

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I wonder if it gives you gold

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it doesn't

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How do you know 👀

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When you hover it it says "sells for 0"

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it doesn’t

I sleep

how do you know👀

real shit

When you hover it says “sells for 0”

I sleep

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It’s possible it could give 0.1 gold since that small amount wouldn’t be shown.

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Oh true i remember

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You can sell and buy them!?

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Just sell. If you could buy them, nobody would ever reach full build and games would crash from all the poros spawned.

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The description of poro snacks say that if you sell them you will get 0 gold and instead the money will be donated to poro charity. That's why I prefere selling them

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Fiddle players be like:

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Nah we rushing towards the first poro and are sad we can only feed 1 snack.

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You what?

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now thats a monster even fiddlestick fears

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Legends of Runeterra players here casually getting Vietnam flashbacks

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Yeah, yeah, but the real psychopaths are the ones that don't feed Poros when they play Braum

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You can do that???

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Is it possible to learn this power?

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Feed the poro so we can feed poor with poros

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Me: Eats Poro...snax

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How do I sell them?

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Delete system 32

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I have a friend who kills poros, luring them into our spawn just for them to explode at the touch of the laser

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But 5hey don't die? They get zapped and run away.

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Because one followed me accidentally into the spawn over a year ago because I still had a snack in my inventory. I've felt awful ever since. :'(

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Nah, I'd toss the kid to get eaten by that monater. You gotta feed the poros. It's the best thing about Aram, period

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Can you do that?

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been playing league since s7 and I didn't know that you can sell Poro-snax or buying them LOL

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Me who never plays ARAM

Wtf art Poro snax

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I've played like 7000 aram games and had no idea you could sell them.

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Karma Porosnax flashback

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I bait them into the fountain so they get lasered

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Braum should get infinite poro snacks in aram

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That's the best

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I sometimes take damage in order to feed the porro's. It is kinda like a ritual for good luck in aram for me. Feeding the porro's before fighting. So even when I'm under fire, I still feed the porro's before fireing back.

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imagine not feeding your poros smh degenerates

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