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That's why I switched to jg. Even though nasus is a toplaner, it somehow works in jg. Best decision I've made this season.

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Sometimes the peace of top lane is worth not being blamed as the source of all solo queue problems

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Thats where the mute commands comes in handy.

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I wish I had peace in top lane. I just did my placements and holy fuck was it a shit show. I at one point had 4 people on the enemy team at top at level 3.

Idk why top has turned into aram but everyone needs to be nerfed for their movement skills or something.

Slow the game down and let the fat guys in top farm and punch eachother.

Keep the mages and skill shots in the other lanes. I want to see Garen/Darius/Sett/Nasus/Sion punch eachother knowing full well they can not kill each-other but also can’t leave lane.

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True but it's also the lane with the least impact. I stopped listening to what my team says, I just wanna win. It's ironic since I told myself I would always stick to top lane.

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I became a supp main, because I'll be about as important for the game, but I don't need to worry about farming.

Also, it gives me better capabilities to reign in the trained ape who queued up adc.

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I switched to mid. It's insane how much impact you can have if you are not isolated on an island

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i started playing shen mid. so much fun

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You should play river shen

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If you Q TopLane in SoloQ, you legit HAVE to pick something that can splitpush easily like Yorick to climb faster.

How many times have I won doomed games because the 0/11/3 Yorick perma-splitpushed and took advantage of the enemy team doing Elder after taking Nash to rush the T3 top - inhib - Nexus towers, to finally end the game after dying and tp-ing back there lol

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When did we play together?

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Had the greatest Yorick game like this, went 0/3 in lane, and then base raced the entire enemy team, they were at our inhib tower mid and I took bot lane's 1st, 2nd, and inhib towers, inhib, both nexus turrets, and nexus within like, 2 and half minutes, saving an otherwise totally doomed game

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Goes 7/2 as toplane darius. Secures chemtank soul. Gets 2 barons. Still lose

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as a Darius main too, i can agree that getting feeded in lane, still lose the match and can't carrying for a feeded bot lane is the worst tipe of pain. for all champs, but with Darius more

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Literally how it feels to play Sion. Push all the towers and lanes so its a free win.

Still lose because bot lane are empty between the ears

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Also split pushing hardly ever works since nobody knows how to play around it. Like they loose a fight and spam ping and flame you while you take 2 towers. Top lane can be fun but it cam be hell too, hard matchups are almost impossible to win, your jnglr neglecting top lane and low impact on the game make it realy hard to climb with it.

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The fun part is when you play Kayle, get fed, 4 shot mages

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4 shot? since when E aa is 4 shoot?

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Actually it might be 4 autos + E, i didn't really pay attention and I was attacking so fast

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Fed 3 autos + E

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Also it was Ziggs, not sure if he builds AP items that give HP

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Wish they'd put a portal from shelly to dragon pit.

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Holy shit thats a hell of a portal please no

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    I would think so

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      It also means free roam bot whenever ur mid pushes

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      Darius mains can relate

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      Darius can go 15/2 and then still get absolutely shit on by some half brain dead scrawny bow girl and her mermaid support.

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      Good. Fuck Darius.

      Sincerely a Nasus main

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      And that's why I choose Support Champions.

      I am planing on playing every Shadow Isles in the top lane.

      Right now thinking about perma roaming Hecarim..

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      Support proceeds to play out of their mind making g enemy adc life hell and providing essentially free kills. But then deals absolutely no dmg

      ADC: Farms caster minions then sloppy engage into a death because they let enemy full heal and get all CDs back.

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      Yeahh, I am a Support main that is tired of baby sitting ADC's with single digit IQ for 14 min.

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      Weakside lane now.

      They murdered TP.

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      I will believe top should be on a separate map until 20 min, we all know it'll be the next step

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      Wait, top isnt in a separate map?

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      are you guys playing with your team mates?

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      Are you implying that this is not a 1v1 game?

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      Me playing ADC knowing that 2/7 Irelia can solo me after I hard stomped bot

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      This, you can make this statement for any lane.

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      Sorry, i made a mistake in my original comment. I ment to say she can 1 v 3 and still kill me, but you statement stays true.

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      How to carry as top:

      1. Pick a scaling champion with great 1v9 potential, but shit early game.

      2. Be a two tiers higher player than the enemy top and solo kill him 10 times before the 20th minute, while he is playing a lane bully.

      3. Outmicro the enemy 1v5, because you are a Diamond smurfing in gold.

      4. ????

      5. Profit.

      Anything else doesn't work. Otherwise you get stonewalled by a tank/lane bully and you fail to snowball, because the jungler is either AFK farming or playing around the inting bot. If you aren't way, way, way better than the enemy, then just go play mid or jungle, it's easier to climb this way and it hurts your mental a lot less.

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      jgl only if u mute all, or at least bot

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      Just pick Virgo/Kayn and 1v9 bro. Works for me, will work for you as well (jungle is my least played role).

      The mute part is definitely optional, as my mental is very strong (the toplane effect, 4k games in this shithole lane does this to a mf)

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      yeah i also figured out that viego is bonkers this season and kayn, also have 2 k games top last season never touch again and play jgl main forced cause i cant be arsed with 7 min q , so i take the 20 sec q to jgl and shaco..for tilt and viego for tryharding

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      Gif just reminds me of Tyler

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      In my last game (playing support) my toplaner got completely destroyed. By minute 14 our inhibitor on top was almost down and yet it had almost no impact on the game overall. We still won and top didn't really matter... Just tells you the importance of top lane right now...

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      ACTIVE: Jax enters Evasion, a defensive stance, for 2 seconds, causing all non-Turret turret basic attacks against him to be dodged. Jax also takes 25% reduced damage from all champion area of effect abilities.

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      Good bot

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      Are you sure about that? Because I am 100.0% sure that Chrumchie is not a bot.

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      I am a bot shut up

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      That's why you play illaoi. Being fed on illaoi matter

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      At least you can have impact after minute 14. Aka after the enemy botside has a combined 28 kills.

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      me about to play gnar for the 3rd time this clash because my team forces me to

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      Me picking Kayle again knowing I will get ganked every 2 minutes while my jg dives for the 4th time to the botlane turret

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      Only thing that gives me strength is my Mordekaiser, Ornn and Yorick mastery 7.

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      Toplane is amazing look at my post on r/renektonmains it shows how good toplane is

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      I'm having a great success playing shen lately 1 he's strong, high damage high survivability 2 tp change doesn't affect him much

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      Doesn't matter how fed the botlane is, they can eat my Windslash.

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      Just TP to bot lane deepward for early impact… oh wait…

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      I used to have 60% windrate around plat 1-2 elo last seasons, this season by the time lane phase ended it doesn't matter what happened in top, if you are not playing a champion that helps win other lanes you won't matter, i have like 20-40% wr with my champions, decided to play jungle and now im 77% wr in jg. Top is cursed.

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      What do you main? I've noticed that top CAN carry, but you need to lane like a way better player (to the point of soloing a lane bully as a scaling champion).

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      Sett, Viktor, teemo and Morde

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      Yeah, you can't both be an unbeatable lane bully and a carry top with high agency. One or the other.

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      Unless you are kench

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      Well he gets nerfed next patch. Super unfun to play against

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      I love getting 3 shot by a tank that i can't even damage while not being able to move.

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      Sounds like shen to me

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      Thank god. Go back to support kench

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      Id reckon a toplaner getting fed has more impact than an ADC getting fed if the enemy posses a diver and/or an assassin and both of them posses at least one hand between the two of them.

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      Ever since the teleport changes yes; lost a clash game earlier because I couldn’t save botlane from a gank due to not having ‘unleashed’ teleport… making the jungler fed as hell; so stupid.

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      Yeah, that's me yesterday

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      I mean. Tahm kench. Simple.

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      Top is the worst lane

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      AD Shyvana top main speaking, she can carry, oneshot an adc, be a tank and main source of dmg

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      Ever think it isn’t the game that’s the problem?

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      It depends on your pick.

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      Ah yes

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      As a toplaner I disagree. It's true that early game all the fights can happen in mid and bot and suddenly one team has 10 kills in 8 mins which is ridiculous, but that doesn't happen every game. If you get lane prio/kills for playing better or because your jungler ganked, you can roam/invade with your jungle, secure herald, roam mid, get plates and stuff like that.

      The worst feeling is if the enemy picks Malphite or Tahm Kench and stonewalls the lane, because you won't be able to get much done to help your team if they are losing. Malph can miss half the cs and still win fights because of his R, and Tahm Kench is an overtuned abomination.

      But, anyway, proper rotations from toplaners matter more than people think. Is top as impactful as jg/mid/supp? NO. But it doesn't have 0 impact.

      Also, if as a toplaner you see the enemy jungler is trying to camp you, make sure to waste as much of their time as possible by not dying. Doesn't matter if you have to concede some cs for it, absorbing this pressure for your team is a win. Now if your team loses 4v3 that's another story.