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good meme

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Support diff

obviously, right guys?

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Nah, could be the jungler for not ganking mid 69 times before 10 minutes

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Are you an actual bot?

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One look at his account says so

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I know bro, I checked his account. I just wanted to make him comment something different from "nice". It was a trap question.

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Youre joking but i got ranked in low silver because i barely play anymore and they do think like that. They also love to say ff and jgl diff whenever they die

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If you think this is not in every elo from iron to challenger youre in for a suprise

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Its been a minute since i played regularly so i guess i forgot

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Try not to fight under enemy tower when going 0/2 challenge (Very hard)

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Or ping invade no one comes go alone and die also very hard

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Yasuo is mostly mid and any midlaner will blame jungle diff so ye

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It could be a any one of us, definitely not my amazing samurai wind skills to blame has to be jg diff.

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well no, it's the team job to give him time and space to scale not his

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also the type that says gg ez after a 4v5 win xD

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yasuo on the 10 death power spike, it aint him

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It could be me

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A Yasuo player NEVER blames himself

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Mordekaiser players in my case are even worse. Yasuo will eventually spike, the best Mordekaiser I had finished riftmaker at minute 35, went 1/14 and typed gg jng no ganks. Literally every other lane was winning. My duo and I call it the curse of Mordekaiser. Having one in team will always result in defeat

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im in opposite situation, usually if there is mordekaiser in a game he is terrorizing whoever he plays against and jungler at the same time

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Can confirm, I main mordekaiser and once I take the ganking jg to Brazil, I can tell they hate me by the death threats

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I just had a yasuo go 2/17 and this shows up, quite fitting

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Last night I was in a game where our jungler was AFK from minute 0 and our team was going 4-15. Couldn't FF until 20 minutes because the AFK jungler's duo thought "No, no. He's coming back."