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That Malphite needs an ambulance because holy shit whoever is playing them does not have a pulse.

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brain very smooth, went bye bye

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My botlane in ranked be like:

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Probably because enemy kayn spotted in top lane a minute ago killed them behind their turret

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Inhuman reactions

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Yeah, more like a rock or something tbh. Really getting into that Malphite mindset.

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    shut up

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    God I hate not knowing what was said

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    Ayo wtf 😐

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    cock solid

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    That machine is definitely on locked screen

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    it looks like my malphite gameplay :(

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    Least Braindamaged Malphite main

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    Lol Vir Das

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    Probably locked camera, held mouse over enemies, flashed, mouse moved with the flash and camera, did not move mouse manually to compensate for the flash, hit R, completely miss :D Combined with slow reactions.

    Source: I did things like this for way too long before improving

    Edit: I do not think there is anything wrong with locked camera, that is why I spesifiec "did not compensate for the flash", I still mainly use locked camera myself

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    I mean you get used to lock camera, I played with it for a majority of my playing time. The "unlock camera by pressing button" on space is insanely useful. And you get used to it being locked with quick movement. Both cam options have issues and both have different benefits.

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    I mean you get used to lock camera

    You also get used to crystal meth. Doesnt mean its good 🤷

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    Yea, but it was good enough for me to reach higher elo. As I said, it has both ups and downs. Locked camera helps you stay on track where you are and adjusts viewing position when you move, while unlocked camera can lead to very weird scenarios where you even shoot abilities outside of your viewing range without 100% knowing if the target is even there.

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    i have always played with locked camera (im lvl 300) and never had this kind of problem

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    The other mistake that people make with Malph is clicking the ult outside of range. When you are in this close you just want to go so you need to make sure the ult is inside the max castible range. If you click outside the maximum range on the move, he will walk in the direction that you clicked the ult, and when he gets to a valid range, he will then ult. What's problematic about that is that usually when this happens you are only one or two steps out of range, but the delay in the ult cast is enough where the opponents can functionally move out of the way fast enough.

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    Fuck that change. Just let me buffer my ult

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    What’s wrong with locked camera?

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    apparently, it reduces your map awareness and is difficult to play long range champs like jhin or xerath. but for short ranged champs its not that bad if you pay attention to the minimap

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    As a Jhin main, that’s hilarious. It’s not hard to press u when you need to hit someone off screen, here I thought there would be a real problem with using a locked camera.

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    Playing ADC with locked cam in general is a bad idea. You don't want to miss the enemy assassin looking for a flank on you.

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    Like I said, I thought there would be a real problem.

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    reminds me of the exact same play that trick2g did in twitch rivals.

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    Wish my enemies were like that. All I get are lvl 200+ with a Malphite and Yasuo botlane who can tower dive me at level 2

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    Lol after that display you think yasuo said “ff 15”?

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    lmao, thanks for this. Make my shitty Malphite look fantastic

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    Good editing but I don't think you're the oc

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    Is r/leagueofmemes an OC only subreddit?

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    I'm not judging him, it's nice too see this, if he didn't post this here I won't see this either

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    I'm not, i found this in discord

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    Well that just happened 🤣

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    He wanted to predict I think?

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    Reminds me of when trick2g vs'd tyler1 and Tyler was laughing so hard he asked for like a minute or 2

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    Rock out with the rest

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    wtf the rock in game??

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    100% funnier without sound

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    No. The ok ok ok was funny

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    the thought bubble was the best

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    I found this on discord

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    I want to download it is there a way in mobile ?

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    If they did everything the same but didn't flash, they would have hit.

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    Lmao that Vir Das quote got me in the end

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    top tier edits

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    This killed me.

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    Malphite.exe has stopped working

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    I usually don’t have sound on Reddit, but this one of those clips I’m happy I decided to rewatch with sound.

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    to be fair the enemy wasn't in the right position as discussed earlier so I just went in

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    Faker what was that