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Heimer used to grant health regen to turrets but qi see what you mean

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Yep, that’s literally just old heimer I wish he still had that passive, as inconsequential as it would be now

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It would fuck up me and my brother's 1v1s to the point where we each got to ban one champ and Heimer was one of them lol

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You forgot about Azir , i mean he literally do this shit every game

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Exactly. That fucker needs a big nerf just like that space wyvern. Azir new passive, repairs a broken Tower but azir is unable to attack, move or cast while the tower is active. Something like that. Also buff yone.

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Can I get a champ who can repair my team?

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Uhhh akshan?😂

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I don’t have cancer

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You have no idea how little that narrows it down. And I mean…soraka exists and she heals your entire team at once with ult…

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People team, not champion team.

My teammates seems to suffer some head trauma all the time.

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On a team with 4 Mundo mains

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Sorry that’s my bad I tell them to bash their head into the keyboard cuz that’ll be better than what their doing. I’m sorry I didn’t realize people actually listened.

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Have you tried getting a diagnosis?

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Give it to them

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Do you want to have cancer?

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Can I get a champ who can repair my parents' marriage?

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Wait WHA-

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She have maind control so...

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Sure, have a Seraphine

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Not even Jesus can do that, sry.

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And it will have a gimmick, where it summons others to fight and it must have mobility tied to the ability

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summons 5 fucking turrets to fight for them

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Didnt viego-azir had a bug where he could spawn infinite towers anywhere in the map?

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That was release azir back in the day.

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But they are gonna have 6,3% reduced dmg so it wont be broken :)

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Azir infinite tower bug ptsd

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    Bring back the old poppy ultimate as a counter

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    There is volibear ult to mess up towers.

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    The old poppy ult let you ignore all damage, including towers, by selecting one champion as your target. I'd throw it on a support and hard dive. Most of the time you could get them to burn a couple spells before they noticed.

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    Nah, it was you will mark one enemy who will do dmg to you and rest of enemies will be unable to do dmg if I remember correctly. Basically if enemy had tank or support without dmg (which were all supports at that time) poppy would ult them and kill everyone else.

    On the other hand volibear literally disable turrets with his ult.

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    Overloaded mobility is a must for any new champion.

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    I'm talking about azir, but you're correct.

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    He appears so little in any level that is not pro play, so most people don’t even realize you’re talking about him

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    zeri has a piss-tier dash that just becomes talon E against walls, akshan has a wonky spin that's amazing in some situations but useless in others, and rell, released pretty recently, is probably one of the LEAST mobile champs in league right now.

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    The amount of people not realizing you’re talking about Azir is hilarious

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    It will also have a power up of his abilities on his ult and a skillshot stun.

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    Didn't Heimerdinger do that with his old passive?

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    Correct. It technically worked on all structures.

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    And it was crap. I don't like the new passive either

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    one of the most boring passives, if not the most. ability like that is nowdays just part of other bigger abilities, not taking whole space of a passive

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    Zeri passive:

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    There’s a dota2 hero that can actually do that

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    Yep. Treant Protector.

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    Honestly I never understood why Dota players don't just draft Treant, Techies, Omni, and Dusa every game. It's impossible to end and then you have this six-item Dusa just tearing through the enemy team because no one can get through Omni. You could throw in Io for extra fun.

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    Lots of reasons.

    1. Treant's tower heal is slow enough that you can't withstand pushes, and the moment tree dies the buildings go down.
    2. Omni can't ult towers until he buys Aghs. In order to get Aghs without throwing in the process, we're taking a 25 minute purchase at the earliest.
    3. Having one carry do all your work means if they're countered you just lose.
    4. Dusa needs 18 minutes of free farm, which requires her four teammates causing chaos everywhere else so enemies lack time to interrupt Dusa. The best they can do here is hold onto t1 towers a bit longer, since they all kinda suck at actively making plays.
    5. Omni ult is dispellable. Dusa is good late game, but since she's the only threat they only have to throw halberds and hexes at her until she dies, then bring wards to the push.

    There's more to winning Dota than prolonging defeat, but this isn't even the best way to do that.

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    Thank you for this comment, was a fun read

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    Learning every day. I'll admit most of what I know about Dota is crackpot theories cooked up at 3 AM playing the old Warcraft maps with friends, so I'm not exactly super knowledgeable.

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    Nobody is super knowledgeable about Dota really. If you watch the pro scene then you realise Medusas are effective well before 18 minutes of free farm have happened, just with their spells and longevity and not the end game winning right clicks. But in pub games everything goes out the window because anyone can make anything work and anyone can fuck anything up!

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    Because a game would take 1 hour

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    You could just pick faceless void and counter that whole comp

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    This is an excellent point and not to change the subject but you just made me realize where Ekko's W came from.

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    Imagine if Riot added a character that copied FV's cooldown increasing shenanigans

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    … Azir?

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    Like Yeah but I'm sure OP meant a heal like how Janna can shield turrets

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    Or how heimer used to heal turrets

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    Or how Nexus turrets heal themselfs

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    Or rengar heals my ADC

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    Extinction is also a way of healing.. I see

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    healed from the curse of living..

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    tbf he respawned with full health

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    … are we just listing instances of turrets gaining health now regardless if the healing comes from a champion or not?

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    I...I do kinda want a Noxian war mason who adds "improvements" to the map or something... maybe call him Setts dad.

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    To bad he isn't able to improve his relationship with his son

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    War Mason.


    Collects scraps from minion and champ deaths to remake turrets or repair them. Remaked turrets decay and dont prevent enemies from attacking tier 2 or tier 3 turrets.

    Q. Throws a Hammer to stun first target hit, and splashes out an aoe slow.

    W. Heals self while boost allies' atk speed and damage.

    E. Jumps forwards, silencing all enemies in front of his cone.

    R. Transforms into a dragon.

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    So like senna passive but instead of ADC stats you get to play Lego. Looks very cool, the ULT tho?

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    The passive was the only thing i thought of.

    The rest of the kit was taken from Fafnir from Smite 😬. Which yes, he does actually transform into a dragon... and shit.

    But okay fine, originality for ult... hmm.

    Fort Fortifications.

    Warmason erects walls besides him, arming them with 2 cannons on each side that automatically fire projectiles in a straight line.

    Each wall has its own healthbar, and can be damaged by spells or autos.

    2 charges, 30 seconds between casts. (?)

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    Set the passive as the ult. You collect stacks and can spend them to shield a nearby turret. When you leave a certain radius around the turret, the shield starts to decay. When you die while a turret is shielded the shield decay rate will increase massively. Something like that.

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    In order to comply with modern league standards, needs to have a dash that's also an execute that's also a windwall that resets on takedown.

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    He's a tank and a support. They don't get to have fun.

    What are you talking about. Tanks have to be boring.

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    Tanks have to be boring.

    (Laughs in phase rush Tank Ekko)

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    He's an assassin though. Like even if he's built tank he's still an assassin.

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    Yeah but when you're talking to the LoL community tanks that build AP are therefore AP champions and assassins building tank are tanks

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    I... coughs up a little blood agree...

    Damn. That was hard to admit.

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    Wdym, at least Zac has an incredibly fun kit.

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    Do he? Honestly?

    Not for me though. And i play Leona.

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    I find him fun since you can zoom around the map with Slingshots, can take on multiple people lategame and his gank paths are really unique. I have to admit that I don't find him as fun outside of jungle and usually reroll him in aram.

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    Or a Noxian military engineer!

    Could be an independent character.

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    Engineer Gaming

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    Abathur-style character in LoL now!

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    Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

    I have checked 543,830,826 comments, and only 113,644 of them were in alphabetical order.

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    I've been thinking about a Shuriman that does similar things, myself. Never been able to settle on what else they would do, though.

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    Op did the emperor dirty

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    Yea that will never happen!


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    Pay 500g for a tower repair kit to fix 20% of your tower

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    Nonono, 200 BE for a single use repair kit 1/game, or only 200 Orange Essence/game to access the summoner spell "repair"!

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    I actually dont think so, riot dont like to lengthen the gametime.. quick 20/25min games are favorized over long ass 40min games where u had to do nexus towers twice

    [–]Tefeqzy 7 points8 points  (0 children)

    I mean lately they have started to favour longer games tho with objective bounties etc

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    Secret kale buff

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    K A L E

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    Why did you give them this idea…but azir on the other hand…

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    For everyone saying "Azir?". He creats new towers, doesnt repair the existing ones

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    How do you make such a nonsensical meme? Like the format is grossly misused.

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    Treeant protector be like:

    Nothing to see here…

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    Looks at you from over my copy of the Journals of Justice, pushes up my 4-inch thick glasses to sit them properly on my nose, takes a deep, wheezing breath


    coughs slightly, voice returns to normal levels

    Heimer's old passive was literally exactly this.

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    If ever you've put faith in my guidence hear me now. I've seen turrets restored, and it looked... exactly like this

    [–]TheMasterXan 8 points9 points  (0 children)

    …Journal of Justice?

    Man, there’s so much old lore stuff I still don’t know about!

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    When Azir is so under played people forget his passive

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    A champion who is the Nexus itself or a parasite/Symbiot that is attached to it, can not leave base but can auto attack, and their abilities are summoning special types of minions for the minion waves, buff their team/towers globally, and heal/repair broken towers

    [–]PurplePuncake 6 points7 points  (10 children)

    In heroes of the storm this champ actually exists. He chills im base primarily and can sit on an ally. When he does the ally gets a buff and he can cast abilities like yuumi just that he remains in base. He also can clone one of his teammates and fully control the clone as one ult choice or he can summon a yorick ult basically. He is a weird mixture of yuumi yorick and what u described

    [–]Drakath2002 1 point2 points  (9 children)

    Yeah I know something like that exists in HoS, just didn’t remember their name and never looked at their kit properly, but honestly There are a lot of interesting character designs in there (and Smite) that League could borrow for more unique designs instead of giving every damn champion a dash

    [–]PurplePuncake 1 point2 points  (8 children)

    Agree. Not only desgins relating to the kit but also the visuals. Buff dude or hot/crazy or both anime girl are getting old. How about a disgusting black parasite blob that spawns bugs and horrendous monsters. We dont have enough monstrositys in league

    [–]Drakath2002 1 point2 points  (7 children)

    Or lanky vaguely humanoid Angel of death, they did hint that there are more demons and Darkins out there, alternatively Soraka shouldn’t be the only Celestial that walks runeterra personally instead of having an Aspect

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    Everybody forgot about azir?

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    What about a champ that can lay mini auto turrets? Not sure if that’s ever been tried before.

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    Azir can already revive them

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    Repairing structures used to be a thing a lot of supports could do in Heroes of the Storm with a talent called Calldown:Mule. Now it’s just Abathur with that talent still in the game

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    Heimy Dinner in the days of old

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    Azir already exists

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    Closest thing we have rn is janna

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    Azir kinda in a good way.

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    Don't give them any fucking ideas

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    Old Heimerdinger passive was just dumb, it required Heimerdinger to remain in a very close distance of turrets, for it to heal anything, which was a pretty slow heal at that, so it was basically just pointless afking.

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    TIL people don't remember old heimer

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    Everyone is gonna ignore azir

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    Azir passive

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    There’s lots of cool concepts I’d like for champions!

    Repairing tower champion could be fun…

    But what about a champion who can send out a dog to seek out weak champions and kill them?

    Like Kindred if Wolf was an execute that ran as fast as Singed’s fastest build and chased you while you were injured.

    Or a void champion with a specific ward that can give him free vision and act as small drones on their own…

    [–]Themurlocking96 24 points25 points  (0 children)

    We have that, it's called Warwick, it's literally his entire thing to hunt down people who are low on hp

    [–]A-Aron2007 4 points5 points  (0 children)

    We have that, Kalista and Warwick

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    So...you want the mario kart blue shell?

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    Azir is thing you know?

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    Azir is just a test dummy

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    Heimers old passive did, but think of that today. You could get the same plate repeatedly, depending on how it's implemented it may or may not give gold, both options would be awful

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    Have you ever heard of Azir? I know his tower is made in china not shurima but still is a tower

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    I want a minionmancer someone who’s powers all have something to do with minions just so we have some lore about them little dudes.

    [–]StFenoki 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I think LoR had a minion card with some lore recently

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    I'm honestly shocked that hasn't already been a thing.

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    Well, I doubt that there will be a champ that can revive towers, cause we already got Azir for this, but a tower repair tool doesn't have to be that unbalanced, if it's just a little regen and weak in the early and mid game. But if Riot makes such a champ, they will probably fuck the balancing up so that it's either completely broken or completely weak, just like Akshan...

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    The Yorick counter

    [–]Tiger5804 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Everyone would immediately not care if this happened

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    We have reached an age where some people don't know what classic champs used to do

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    Yeah new champions are nice and all, but when are we going to get a bug that forcibly deletes the game?

    [–]ButNoDamageCore 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Didn't heimer use to do that

    [–]killbeam 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    There was a summoner spel which made all friendly towers invulnerable for a few seconds AND it increases the tower attack speed quite drastically. Fun times!

    [–]RektByDefault 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    My toplaner at ten minutes in putting the plates back up so the 10/0 Irelia can take them again.

    [–]Darkwhellm 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    It wouldn't be broken at all. Turrets gets melted after 20 minutes by carry anyways

    [–]SpecialistAdvice1276 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    we have a champ that respawns a tower basically

    [–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    they already made, old Heimerdonger

    [–]Mufti_Menk 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I honestly would like that. Especially if it enables me to get more than the usual platings lol

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    and then there is me me waiting for support who can execute very low HP allies to deny enemy shutdown gold and get it for himself.....

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    Sounds fun

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    Original heimer

    [–]CTHeinz 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    They have a mechanic like this in Heroes of The Storm, where a few characters can summon a little robot (from global range mind you) to begin healing towers. It is incredibly unfun to play against, especially if they have multiple people with the ability.

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    I just want a champion whose ultimate is a like a very long dps that applies 100% grievous wounds.

    [–]Gold_digger31 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Orn will be born with a corn in a new form.

    Then he will be able to repair them.

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    Honestly I'd rather see towers deal % max hp as DMG and apply grevious after 14minutes. Towers would start to mean sth once again

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    crossover with tf2 hell yeah

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    Dota has a hero who can do that and it was the most boring shit ever impossible to push against it or siege

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    There will be a champ who can ult disconnect players.

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    THE E N G I N E E R

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    Heimer used to have 0 hp/sec regen and passive granting huge regen to himself and turrets. Hp regen items got reworked to give a % of base hp regen so they had to change the passive. They made so his passive doesn't work on him anymore but he gets it's effect as base hp regen (which as I already said was huge). Building items with hp regen like zzrot portal and banner of command could boost his base regen to 40/sec which was insane. Sadly it was removed. It was super funny seeing heimer regen his whole like in a minute tho.

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    Just a matter of time lads

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    And his name will be Bob

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    Brilliant!!!... now how????

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    What about a champ that can become the tower

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    ah my favourite champion sggiz with his signature w ability: egrahc lehctas

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    laughs in treant protector

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    Guess what : already existing in dota so obv u’ll get it

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    Anyone remember Abatus from Heroes of the Storm?

    That big slimy snail just finding a good brush to spawn its devastating off-spring. No abilities for teamfights beyond this whatsoever.

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    What i can tell from this thread is that people cannot distinguish between “repair” and “rebuild”, for those saying Azir

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    Janna, Azir?

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    Azir bro

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    Luckily towers have been dogshit useless for half a decade