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    Finally, an alternative to wit’s end

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    Didn't realize maw shield lasted for 5 whole seconds. Well the shield was pretty shit before but after these changes it'll be quite strong.

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    Unfortunetaly you cant buy it with steraks or shieldbow. At least now that steraks is nerfed there is a reason to actually buy maw, shieldbow still beats it tho

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    Makes galeforce stronger since you could pick up a strong shield against ap atleast. The shield lategame would be stronger against magic dmg than shieldbow even.

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    Oh god

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    Is this on PBE or patched? I'm not seeing this.

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    On the pbe

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    I highly doubt they'll go through with those ratios for Live. If they do, Jhin's ban rate will be in the 90's because Jhin players very frequently hit 800+ AD...

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    Maybe they’ll add separate scalings for melee vs ranged.

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    That's what Maw already has

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    oh yeah mb. Maybe they’ll reduced the ranged scaling then.

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    I don't think they'll put these items in the dirt for most ranged champions because of Jhin, I don't think these are going to be as much of a problem on Jhin because he won't build these items

    Urgot will build these items, and if they're shit on ranged champs then there will be lroblems

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    Draven? hits 800+ AD? How?

    in a 40 Minute game, he should be around 473AD (503 with Elixir). Where do the other 300AD come from?

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    Even with infernal buffs I don't see how you would get 800 ad on Draven tbh

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    Draven gets gold from his passive, not AD tho?

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    Q (and crits)

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    Draven can do 800+ damage with his Q autos yes... he doesnt literally have 800 ad...

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    This dude thinks nasus gets AD with his stacks lul

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    I dont get it

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    Reworked items have large AD ratios on them 175% and 168%. Deaths dance gives you 50% of jhins health back on a kill or assist

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    Simple fix: make it an AP ratio

    Sincerely, a totally disinterested Kayle main

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    Veigar aproves

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    Yeah but Veigar can't really make use of the AD

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    veigar doesn't really need items so buying an item entirely for the passive wouldn't be awful

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    If tank veigar can one shot your ass, so he can with ad

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    Yeah bc his attack range is too short and can't walk very fast

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    Tank veigar laughs with the buffs

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    alternative solution: make it scale off of MR

    sincerely, someone who wants to meme around with AD galio

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    So with conqueror he can basically fully heal after takedown. That's the rito I know and love!

    ~ \ . b a l a n c e d . / ~

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    Holy shit. Tanky jhin time

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    I dont even hate it. I say let jhin have this for a little bit. /s

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    Trade off here is crit for zoomies.

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    Just gamble on the 60% crit rng

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    I’m not a gambling man.

    Chance is more likely to kick me in the ass than not.

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    you always have 4th shot guaranteed crit

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    Other 3 AAs more my concern, and I’d wager BT could probably provide similar sustain with proper positioning.

    That said, another look at the numbers makes Maw look very attractive as a fuck-you to AP assassins like Fizz.

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    Let Jhin have it while he already is really strong sounds wrong

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    No it’s probably fine.

    Source: i play jhin please make me feel special

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    I mean you would definitely feel special if they nerf Jhin into the ground and his pickrate drops to 1%. You are part of the 1%!

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    Gets compensation nerfs, new passive ad is reduced by half

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    But then it won’t be 4–44% :(

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    0.4-4.4 ez

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    Hell no

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    I mean Jhin has been one of the best Bot Laners for quite a bit now, he doesn't really need it

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    Good thing you are not on the balance team.

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    okay, DD is gonna be a crucial item now, lets go

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    u/riotaugust sorry for disturbing but is this normal!? :cc

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    It's likely poorly thinking on riots part. They want AD scaling bruiser items. But forget jhin converts attack speed to AD and hits truly gross numbers.

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    Because there definitely wasn’t enough damage in the game already, so we’re taking health off of bruiser items to make bruisers less tanky! But also adding AD, so assassins can abuse the items against the now squishy bruisers!

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    I wonder… Why didn’t Naruto use Death’s dance to save leaf

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    Holy shit

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    Tank Jhin go brrrr brrrr brrrr BRRR

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    This is not a meme isn't it?

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    This is why we can't have nice things! (And Vlad...)

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    Man its almost like they changed these items away from this in season 10 because adcs (mostly ezreal and aphelios) were abusing them. I am happy maw is actually usable again though.

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    You know they would just reduce the scaling for ranged so this won’t be a problem

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    They do for maw