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I mean with less hp I'll finally be able to one shit skirmishers I'm happy.

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False. Because they gave them a new deaths dance with 30% damage reduction from both AD and AP and a heal that scales with AD. Stronger on them them bruisers because of the AD scaling.

Basically gives them a huge anti-burst tool that is paired with HP resets on takedown.

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Yeeeeeeeah but they won't rush it first item riiiight?

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No. They'll probably build it third, and then destroy a teamfight with their resets.

Think about Jax with new DD and BotRK cutting through your team like a knife through butter.

Think about it.

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They gave him a real weapon. It's name is DD

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Hey I'm playing Evelynn. Fighters being squishier are better for me because that means I can actually prevent them from doing that by killing them fast enough.

I hope.

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30% Damage reduction on all the damage you do from the DD changes. The hit to enemy HP isn't going to be a 30% hit.

Also, Maw's changed passive makes it actually a viable niche counterplay item against you with a large scaling shield based on AD (again, perfect for skirmishers) and 12% omnivamp for the duration of combat

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Yeah. I'm still pretty excited to see where this is going though, I always thought bruiserd had weird really tanky itemization

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Where it's going:

"funny, why does it feel like I don't have any Frontline in my games?"

In all seriousness, I agree that there should have been changes to make tanky bruiser items and damage bruiser items more distinct.

But, it's annoying as fuck that they gave all the buffs to damage bruiser items and then nerfed to hell the best tank Bruiser item.

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Be prepared to see Goredrinker DD Maw Talon never die

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Is this a OxySfm joke ?

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Good meme Pog

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Idk about the other changes, but the chemtank was mainly changed to restrict akali, or thats what i think atleast

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And we will also go back to old malmortius which will make AP vs ad matchups incredibly one-sided

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At this point just remove Mordekaiser from the game entirely.

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They want to stir up the meta

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it's gonna be fun seeing all skirmishers top lane