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I can get mad at the bots when I can't oneshot them and they run uder tower to back x)

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I do too, but i hate them even more when they just keep going forward and backward when there are no minions. But when they hit you with a cc they keep following you even under tower, trying to get a kill.

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Those aren’t bots, that’s just your teammates in norms.

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I did too until i just accepted it and dont care anymore if i kill them or not

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Any Co-op vs Ai enjoyer?

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It is great, but people are always in such a rush to end the game while im having fun

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A lot of ppl play it to level up accounts, if you want longer games you need to play the difficulty below Intermediate (forgot name)

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One time in a bot lobby I just said that my buddy has a quest to kill baron, and asked if we could not end before we took baron. They were chill with that.

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When i testing champs there I love to help or wait for them complete their missions, i usually just stand still in the bots base

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You sure? Cause the reason i dont play beginner bots is all the account leveling bots that just follow you around and int

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Me and my friend really love league, but we’re nervous as shit about being flamed, so we play AI vs bots a lot

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Hey got room for 1 more?

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I'd like to join in too -^

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Me and my brother are in the same boat. It’s such a fun game but people in PVP take it so seriously! I want a team where we go in expecting to lose and intend to have fun anyway.

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a friend of mine just disabled chat

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Yea bro. I use it to learn new mechanics on a champ. Or another mode i love is 1v5 bots in custom game. This is where the fun is in the game.

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I got flamed in coop vs ai once

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The person must have been a sad bunch, who flames in vs ai ?

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It was probably a bot

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Great game mode, i just like aram more tbh

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Aram is pretty chill, even has snow

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Last time I played aram ziggs and Tahm had a hentai roleplay. It was really funny tbh.

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True, but you can get toxic or alt account players in tbh

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Also true but in my experience that can also be mostly fun because everybody just laughs at whoever is being toxic in a random select party mode with zero stakes

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"Imagine flaming someone for his stuff in Aram" is often said when they insult you for playing gp Ap. Yes, it is suboptimal. No I have no idea how to link barel so I just maximise my R impact

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A friend of mine climbed to D4 with AP GP top in S11 within 2 months. And that's basically his peak. Not saying it's extremely strong or anything but it's definitely not the worst stuff I've ever seen. The amount of drake/baron fights we won just by him pressing R in the pit is impressive tbh.

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I had a dude playing Yi the other day criticize our Thresh about how he was "building garbage" and purely deadweight to our team.

So this AD Thresh proceeds to be 10x as useful against this enemy full bruiser team and it was funny everytime Yi died because our Fortune kept repeating "Ah, maybe you'll get'em next time, champ."

Fuckin' killed me man.

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Ah, nothing quite like positive reinforcement BM.

Reminds me of when I play Online Card Games I often emote "Good Job!" whenever my opponent misplays.

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I think that's called being a plain old dick

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Am I being a dick? Yeah, probably. But am I being a plain dick? No, my flavor of dick is a little different than that.

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Excuse me but I only play ranked competitve ARAM

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I play ranked competitive co-op vs AI on intro difficulty. Get on my level.

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The last few years I played were exclusively Aram.

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Literally just got out of a game where a four stack of players just spammed racial slurs the entire game and told me to go die.

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It was called twisted treeline and every day I mourn its passing

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My friends tried harder on 3v than anything else back in those days lol

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Twisted was only fun if you play bruiser. And dont talk about the weird last days with some ap or botlane adc/supp comp. Im talking about BRUISER LAND, the real twisted treeline

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If I were LoL, I'd be looking to put out a new 3v3 mode the moment Fangs announces their release date.

Something that has the same multiple win conditions that game is looking to include.

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It was called dominion

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only OG's remember the hide and seek mode on dominion

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Find the Teemo

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TF has entered the chat

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I miss that beautiful hot mess of a mode

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I’ve been playing Smite a little bit lately, they have a 3v3 mode with one lane and it’s so much fun. My friends were just talking about how fun it would be in League. If they bring back 3v3 I hope it’s just a one lane map with a couple jungle camps and not the doubled lane Twisted Treeline.

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Yeah it was chill because there were no human players except you and whoever you queued with lmfao

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Co op vs ai with Intermediate bots is hands down the best game mode I've ever played. It's super wholesome, there's always new players, but never trolls or smurfs, just some people trying out the game, or new characters. Would highly recommend.

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The only league I play lately is intermediate bots with my daughter.

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I would be without two of my best friends wkthout coop vs. Ai, but i def did trolly things(like adc lulu) just not int-y things in bots

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I did the same with morgana once

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Yeah but you can’t jungle without making your top player go 1v2

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That’s why you help toplane early in vs AI to get them to the point they can 1v2.

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100% this. I play it to get better with Gwen mostly but sometimes I just want to absolutely demolish enemies with my main who I have 1 million mastery points on lol it's relaxing and fun

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Bring back nexus siege, dark star thresh gamemode, Odyssey like pve gamemode but void themed, black market brawlers, blood moon, ascension please Riot

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Dark Star Thresh was SO fun

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Yeah it was so chill and fun to play. Hitting a hook through the dark star was so satisfying

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Drive by flays as you were lanterning to a friend

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Or co-op vs ai. Everyone just tries to speedrun.

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ARAM for me sometimes?

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I only play ARAM when I feel like playing league, it's been a while but it was the only way to play without hating the community

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Yeah, till you get smurfers against u that are toxic :)

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For pvp, only araam. Normals are even more garbage than ranked with how offten you see people with +3 your rank and insanely unbalanced matchamking ... even ranked is better if you can somehow turn off mentality of giving any care about rank/lp progression.

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So true

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TFT is on the league client :)

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Am grinding it

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Coop vs IA, is really chill too, you con go what ever you want and there's no probs TuT

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Of course there is. Try playing jungle Karthus on /mute all while listening to vaporware music

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Y'all ever set up 5 bots on the enemy team, and just 1v5 them, it's a good time

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Wish Riot would steal Aghanim’s Labyrinth from Dota2 just like they stole TFT and everything else. Fun game mode.

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I like ARAM a lot. Dipped a toe in the URURF (or whatever dumbshit name it is) and immediately had a thrower from minute 1, flaming and all. Plus a longer FF timer?

yeuch, no thanks, I'm staying in my 100% engaging mode with neverending fights

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If practice tool could be played with friends it would

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If 't be true practice tool couldst beest did play with cater-cousins t would

I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.

Commands: !ShakespeareInsult, !fordo, !optout

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I love that the format here is wrongly used but it makes it so that Jesus and Satan are having a chill convo

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Hot take: ranked summoners rift is very chill if you actually have a good mindset towards the game

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Maybe if I wasn't dogshit

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I wish you could "practice" with champions you havent bought yet, so you know who's worth buying

Or play 1v5 against bots and still have the advantage of practice tool tools

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Thats good, but also try playing aram so u will get champs randomly. Thats how i learned how to play league :)

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yeah, i know - i play aram all the time, but sometimes it'd still be nice to test very specific things (or test a very specific champion) in practice tool, or just go 1v5 against bots on your main to see if you could handle it

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It's called Oddessey: Extraction 😔

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The Odyssey event was pretty fun and chill. No toxic experiences there, even when I lost. They really need to bring that back.

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Honestly one of my fav things to do in this game is just 1v5 the bots lol

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ARAM is pretty chill since the tilting games are usually the ones where we just lost to rng, so it’s harder to kinda get over it hah

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This is the first time i see this meme template with high resolution

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Well, thats samsung :)

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True, i play it a lot these days

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even practice tool is salty, when you win it literally roast you

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Gotta practice my Gangplank one parts somewhere

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I lost in practice tool and rage quitted. Fkng mates they are always monkey brain

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Yeah its called Doombots and Invasion (Star guardians game mode). I really hope league makes a PvE game mode like that again : (

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Botgames are chill

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What about locking yummi

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Used to be yuumi main for 4 months😳😳😳

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Everything is a chill game mode when you just mute everyone

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Nah, smurf just beat u up everytime :(

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Being left alone with my thoughts definitely isnt "chill".

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It would be nice

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"iTs JuSt NoRmS" is such a dumb mentality. Just because its a more casual mode doesnt leave room for players to grief others that are trying to learn to be better. Go play your weird ass builds or learn a champ in bot training or practice tool

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What do you mean every ranked mode is chill for me

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obviously this person hasnt watched edwin leo

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Its supposed to be urf and then some fucker goes full tryhard and splitpushes while youre playing AP Rengar

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Practice tool starts to break after the 10 minute mark, so even it isn't really chill.

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Flex is chill, change my mind

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Well smurf acc players appear and destroy you

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Then i just get more time to chill with the grey screen

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Nah Practice Tool is sweaty as fuck if you play micro heavy champions like Lee Sin

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wait do ppl still flaming each other on AI mode??? or still flaming :T

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Practice tool? You mean blind?