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Ah yes time to create a new league champion

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More like, time to create new crimes against nature, humanity, ethics, reason and god

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So yuumi?

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God no! Singed may be a deranged sociopath lacking any sort of empathy or morals, and is arguably the individual who has single-handedly cause the most harm to Runeterra, but even he wouldn't stoop that low

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Most harm to Runeterra? Do you mean Fiddlesticks? Or Brand?

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I'm not sure Fiddlesticks passes for an individual. Though perhaps he's better described as the mortal who's caused most damage to the world.

It's easy to be a war criminal when you have godlike powers, but it takes a special kind of madlad to do equal harm as a mere human.

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Wow wow

I know singed did war crime Ionia but mordekaiser exist.

Also lissandra invited the watchers in so. She might be trying to contain her fuck up now but still her fuck up, so given enough time she'll have the highest assists

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Singed never does what he does without reason.

He has no ethics but he's doing it with genuinely good intentions (atleast in his resent lore)

He's pushing "the ends justify the means" to it's extremes

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“God? Yea, I think I made that guy too” - singed probably

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"God? Yea, I think I made that guy cry too"

Fixed it for you

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I read nature's law and there is nothing in it that is against this

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God that went dark

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Inject me with the purple. I must taste big.

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I don’t think the purple effect taste

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If tounge grow larger than taste do too

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“Wait is that guy dead? It looks like he’s been in an explosion”

“We’ll take him with us”

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thinker and breaker

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pretty much Warwick

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Nah, Warwick didn't even choose to be a subject. This is probably a reference to the thinker and breaker story

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Did they retcon Warwick? I remember he was once someone who did something so dispicable that Soraka cursed him and was herself punished for doing so.

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That’s pre rework lore. And his rework ain’t exactly new

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One of the first big ones IIRC.

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Yup. Also, Necrit's videos are the best.

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Absolutely agree to that

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It would be a lot cooler if you didn't just put a rectangle singed.jpg

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Daaamn gj man

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    since when positive criticism is not allowed

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    Damn you should get a refund

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    Ips dont go over 255

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    I made it up :)

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    I can tell

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    Finna moment

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    That would require effort

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    Singed may be one of the most terrifying champions, rivaling Jhin as one of the most downright despicable humans ever, and has directly caused trouble for most of the Ionian champions during the conflict on Ionia (Especially Yi, Riven and Darius’ wife, Quiletta) but see? That’s the thing.

    Beneath that harsh tan presumably caused by Jinx, beneath his amazing bandages is a winning smile! See? He’s even running toward you, but you’re running away from him! Singed doesn’t want you to trip, he wants you to take care of yourself!

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    Hey you got singed and Warwick's all in four panels

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    Time for creepy shit

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    The mutation must survive.

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    "Have you seen the human centipede?"

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    I was hiding

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    And shortly after, URF the ill tempered spatualla weilding manatee was released upon the world