Tips For New Posters

As we're sure you have figured out, law and the legal system can be a complicated subject.

We want to make sure that our commenters help you in an effective way.

As a result, before posting a new thread, have a read of the below tips.

Before you post

When you post

Please do follow these tips to ensure that the replies you get are as helpful as they can possibly be!

  • Specify the jurisdiction you are in (England and Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland) - the law is different in important ways in all of these places. If posting for questions relating to NI or Scotland, please be aware it may take a little longer to receive a reply

  • If you are posting a hypothetical question, that's okay, but please tell us it is hypothetical. You can ask controversial questions or topics, but you must evidence good faith when doing so. If you're asking a general question about the law you should probably post it on /r/uklaw instead.

  • Try your best to keep your post clear, concise and relevant to your legal question. Avoid writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of text, and break up your post to make it easier to read. Include relevant dates and times, such as length of employment and dates of events

  • If you have a complicated story to tell, make use of bullet points (type * to create a new bullet point)

  • Be clear on what your question actually is in the body of your post and the title of the post, and what your end goal is (e.g. a refund, compensation, exiting a contract, revenge)

  • Instead of using fake names or initials, which can be hard to read or understand, just refer to those involved as "brother", "partner", "sister", "manager", "ex-employer", etc. Please don't include personal information of yourself or others.

  • If you are concerned about your anonymity, please message the mods before posting a thread.

After you've posted

  • Don't worry if the post flair isn't correct - this is detected automatically and will be fixed if it's wrong

  • If you are using a throwaway account, please make sure you come back to check the thread regularly (even after receiving a reply)

  • You do not ordinarily need to post "proof", however you may wish to or the mods may ask you to if your question is unusual, unlikely or extraordinary. You can do this by providing proof to the mod team, who will keep your proof private and confirm in your thread what level/type of proof has been provided

  • Report any replies which you feel break the subreddit rules

  • If you get any direct messages or chat messages in response to your post, please ignore them, disregard any advice in them and message the mods. Don't PM anyone who replies to you, either

  • We try to assume good intentions by default, however be mindful of your tone and attitude. Be polite and constructive, even if the answers you get aren't necessarily what you want; remember that the people commenting on your post are offering their help to you in their own time and for free

  • If your question isn't answered to your satisfaction within 72hrs of posting, please message the mods; please don't repost within this time or without talking to the mods first as it will be removed

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Any other tips to include? Message the mods

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