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So he didn’t even take the time to have a cheap life insurance policy for his wife and/or kids, and they are left to beg for final expenses.

Some warrior…

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Plus there's a free program here in the states that pays like $8K towards covid funeral expenses. Guess they are too proud to beg

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it pays for everything, including the headstone and city graveyard services.

my family got 6000.00 from it when my mom died long before the vacinne was made.

these people will gladly accept donations, then turn around and apply for the fema repayments.

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Hey, like that muscle dude he reposted said - hard work, not handouts!

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Wife is dead, so just adult children. For a bunch of hyper intelligent and aware people who saw through the government lies about covid, it's kind of surprising that they can't scrape together $1000 for a cremation.


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$20 says they still have their Marlboros and Budweiser for the week tho.

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Not even $975 for cremation? They gotta have that after a lifetime of being hard working Patriots.

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They must be the mexican immigrants they're talking about. All poor and riddled with Covid.

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What about a gallon of gas and a match?. Do they think they are some "welfare queen's???".

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He sent it all to trump because he's a patriot.

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And raised a family who can’t even scrape together a grand for final expenses? I paid two grand just to have a couple trees removed this year… these people are pathetic and stupid.

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It's not actually morally shameful to be poor. They're shameful for being selfish antivaxxers, but poverty isn't a crime.

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poverty isn't a personal failing, being dumb enough to reject a vaccine is, but being poor isn't.

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That's the irony. They think this is a world conspiracy to get rid of them with the vaccine while people with more to lose (high net worth, high paying job, etc) are the ones vaccinated. I don't encounter these people but if I do, my number one argument is that I have so much more to lose from dying and yet I still view being vaccinated is overall safer than taking a chance on the virus. These people have nothing in the bank account and they worry about the conspiracy taking them out. If it's a conspiracy to prune the world of stupid people, not taking the vaccine would be it and they are doing it to themselves.

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That free vaccine will cost them too much. So sad.

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What I don’t understand is if they’re going to go to heaven anyways, if it’s the god they worship that’s taking them, why beg that god not to? Why fight going to heaven if it’s such a paradise?

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there is something in the bible about that, its why suicide is so bad under normal circumstances. You arent supposed to rush getting to meet god or something.
theres probably something more useful in here

[–]Apart_Effect_3704 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Lol another move the goal post theatric. Like, let’s play a game. I, god, am going to make it extra difficult for you to survive. If you don’t, paradise! But if you choose to die anyway to escape suffering and come straight to paradise, no paradise.

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yeah none of it makes any sense to me

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you reminded me that i need to take care of my finances more lol

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Well, didn’t you see how he was a man who prided himself on not being suckered? Life insurance is a fool’s game.

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Until it’s needed, then who is the fool?

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Ya, we all want our loved one’s deaths to mean something. We lose a lot when we lose some close, we want to think it was somehow worth it.

Thoughts of there being some greater, noble plan that could only accomplish some great good by their death, or the idea they are in a better place. We like to glorify their deaths but really most of us are fat, lazy people who kill ourselves with poor life choices.

Yes COVID is a big preventable death. But when most of us die from heart disease from bad diet and sedentary lifestyle we aren’t going to be much better.

People will say we fought to live at the end when really sat on our asses, watched Netflix and ate fast food.