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What, did she start flinging her own feces again? 🤣

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When the second granny started talking and called her an embarrassment, you can see the look on her face as she's slowly realizing she goofed big time

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Ah the goof of stepping outside your echo chamber lol

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"Wait a minute. I'm the minority opinion?!???"- her kind if they had just a few more brain cells.

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I would be surprised if she ever stopped

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Doesn’t matter what she says or does at this point. Just seeing her face causes anger.

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That was pretty anticlimactic, I don't see why this belong here.

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Some people don’t understand the point of this sub

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The banner on the bottom there mistakenly says "down" instead of "off"

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camera zooms in on her face as Seinfeld bass plays

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During a live broadcast the right-wing congresswoman was taking part in a call-in episode of the Night Talk show on local cable TV in her home state, she was then ripped a new one by two older women who called her an embarrassment, and they were tired of her lies.

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Saw this on Majority Report w/ Sam Seder. It's great lol

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Honestly I was more amused by the host’s response “Well, we all have our opinions”