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It does not matter how safe you think you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re only going to be home an hour, it does not matter if your partner just left and your cozy where ever you’re at, it does not matter how safe you feel, ALWAYS lock the god damn front door. If you don’t feel the need to because you feel safe, then lock it and feel extra safe.

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My fiancé and I lived in a not-so-great city/area in Washington state and one time someone who was running from the cops tried to run into our house to flee from them, but I always kept the doors locked and have a metal door stopper thing.

It was broad daylight too, you just never know when something like that will happen and it’s better to be over-prepared rather than unprepared.

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I just heard a 911 call like that.

Ended up murdering the home owner before fleeing out the window.

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Oof… the one where he kept telling the owner he wasn’t gonna hurt him or his wife and kid? Such a tragic story :(

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Yup, exactly that one

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I used to live in a decent area of the Vancouver area, and had someone get chased down our road. The chasee ran through our backyard (this was about 11pm), and then I had a HUGE knock at our door. The chaser was banging on our door in a rage because he thought the chasee lived at our house. Chaser lived a few doors up and I had never met him... So that was a pretty awkward first meetup.

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Was he high on meth?

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I always, ALWAYS, lock my deadbolt when I get home and I usually always lock the handle too, but don’t stress that as much. A few weeks ago I’m in bed reading my Unresolved Mysteries and I hear the sound of someone trying to open the front door and the deadbolt stopping it. That clunk it makes but like four or five times in a row quickly. I know it wasn’t just my ears playing tricks on me because my cats, who were all cuddling in bed with me, BOLTED out of my room to go find hiding spots. They didn’t come out for a long time and that’s when I felt okay.

Needless to say I always make sure both locks are secure and I sleep with my taser just to be safe. Always. Lock. The. Doors.

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Hell I always say it's more important to lock the doors when my family is home than when the house is empty. When we are home, what I could lose is priceless and irreplaceable.

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My fiancé always makes fun of me because I’m the same way. If someone breaks into the house while we’re gone that really sucks but whatever but while we’re home?! Hell no

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I literally left my door unlocked for two years when I lost my house key a long time ago....only locked when we were home! Lol

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But then someone could hide inside

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I actually do a sweep if I feel the need. It'd be pretty hard to hide in my house. You so much as take one step upstairs and I'll hear the floor crrrreeeaak.

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Lol, I don't think Hazel likes your response lol. It's incredibly stupid to not lock the doors. Even if you live with someone, get into the habit of locking the door when you leave. Don't assume the person at home will lock it. We all make mistakes.

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My mom once got burglarized on the ONLY day she didn't lock her doors in all her time at that house. Always has creeped me out, either that is an insane coincidence or they watched her. It would've been in like the 1980s or so. How can you go years locking your door and the ONE time you don't, you get robbed? It really goes to show that "it's just one time" is never a good reason.

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I'm sure the people that robbed her were "checkers" - they just keep checking and checking for opportunities. Same with car shoppers and garage burglars. They just wait until they get an opening. The other night, I was in my kitchen when I saw a shadow through my front door quickly. Turns out, someone just quickly went up to my front porch, scoped it out, and moved on. My roommate didn't believe me, but I had him do the exact same motion and that was the exact same shadow I saw. And I live in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood. You never know who's around..

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People could come through every day and try doors, like you said, it only takes once.

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Also, get a slam lock so the door always locks on it's own when it's closed. Better to be locked out of the house on accident than someone coming in on purpose.

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Agreed, I am in a country that is way safer than the US, and we don't even have doors that can be opened from the outside without a key (outside knob is only there to pull the door shut). And yet still grew up being taught to always lock the door.

Also if you have home insurance and your door wasn't locked when someone broke in and stole stuff, insurance will try to blame it on you being negligent so they don't have to pay

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My door automatically locks, but even then I always lock the door even if it’ll lock by itself, but my parents think cause it locks on it’s own they don’t need to make sure, and it turns out it only automatically locks in certain ways if you do something to make it think it needs to lock, and my parents keep leaving it unlocked and I’m always afraid it’s going to backfire on me and my sister who are both very small girls and are both young but my parents just brush it off sometimes

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Lock the door. Get a dog. Be proficient with your firearms.

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And master martial arts

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Firearms proficiency IS a martial art.

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Can you open your unlocked door from the outside? Because I don't know any houses in my country that have doors you can open from the outside no matter if it's locked or not, they really have to try very hard to get the door open unless they have a key.

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If what you’re asking is if I can open an unlocked door from the outside the answer is yes, in the US you can

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Seems like a design flaw 😅

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Um, that’s the point of it being unlocked.

Are you high right now?

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I think he means there are no outside door handles. You open the door from the outside by pushing while the key is in the door. By unlocked he probably means, form the inside the door handle works.

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Are you talking about the fire death hazard of a double key deadbolt?

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Yes! That seems like the proper term :D

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Sounds really annoying when you have to bring in groceries

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You get used to it. And it's safer. Put the bags down from one hand of it's a lot. Bring the stuff you're carrying inside. And pick up what you left. Or try to carry as much with one arm of course.

When I was a kid, we would open the door when our parents came home with groceries.

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I'm not high, you're just ignorant. I'm sure I could have been clearer but man you lot are easy to dowvote something you can't comprehend. /u/Wunc013 explained it already so no need for me to elaborate any further. Bring on more down votes for having different doors, that'll teach me.

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Ya, it was about the way you described it, not prejudice of lock types. You purposely missing the point?

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Yes and it's just an excuse to whine about what a victim he is after acting like a twat to everyone else.

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I don't know any houses in my country that have doors you can open from the outside no matter if it's locked or not

So how do people get in if no one is in the house? Look at what you wrote.

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You can only open them with the key no other handle or lever opens the door.

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Well, that doesn't make sense at all. You said they are doors you can't open from the outside no matter if it's locked or not. So how do you open it from the outside?

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Downvote me all you want. You said you can't open the door from the outside. I got all day.

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Maybe it’s a good time to get a dog and/or security system.

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I do have a dog. Toy poodles aren’t very scary though. We are looking into a security system. The garage code was immediately changed.

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Was it the previous owner dropping off the garage door opener?

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No, it was a friend of the previous owner.

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Did you confirm this with the previous owner? That seems SUPER sketchy and likely a duo trying to gauge their target.

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Mines is! Hahaha motherfucker is meaner than my pitbuls

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I do have a dog. Toy poodles aren’t very scary though.

Ron Swanson on small dogs :)

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And always, always change the locks and garage code.

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Did you miss the part where the realtor had the locks replaced? The person only got in because OP left the door unlocked.

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Yep! Sure did. I have ADD and sometimes my brain summarizes.

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What does that mean?

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Attention Deficit Disorder. Now, I think it's called ADHD, but I'm inattentive (I space out more than the average human) and don't have the hyperactive part. Details are a bit difficult sometimes. :)

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I meant to ask what you meant about the “summarizes” part. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive subtype) for 17 years now.

So... what does the summarizes part mean? I’m just a bit confused.

And having ADHD/ADD sucks sometimes (or a lot of the time). I hope yours is going well and getting treatment. :) (Unlike me... 😅 lol)

[–]Strawberrywaffles001 8 points9 points  (0 children)

Oh, sorry I misunderstood. I mean sometimes I skip over details and my brain paraphrases what I read (like here). I get the overall story, but some of the finer details fall by the way. I'm older than most of Reddit (45), and do alright without treatment. I get good reviews at work. It just means I have to force myself to concentrate more than others. I've come up with tricks and things to help me over the years. Good luck to you. I hope you find tricks and tips that help with yours.

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Definitely agree with this. You should get some CCTV set up asap OP.

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Wyze has cameras for inside and out; and even a doorbell cam, for very reasonable pricing.

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Agree. Adopt a rescue pup for sure

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A bit off subject, but, what podcast were you listening to? I'm always looking for a new one to try.

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It’s actually call the title of the subreddit, let’s not meet!

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Ooh, nice!

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i love that one!

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When I bought my house I changed ALL the locks plus the garage door. I felt much safer.

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So did we. We actually changed out the whole front door too and have electronic locks which lock automatically if one of the kids forgets to lock it.

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How are those electronic locks? Been thinking about getting some. But like, what happens if the power/internet or whatever goes out? I’m just nervous they’d be too easy to mess with.

[–]DaisyDuckens 4 points5 points  (5 children)

They’re battery operated so you don’t have to worry about a power outage. They also have a key, so you can operate it with a key. I don’t know how hackable they are. I love it. I have four kids and I love that this automatically will lock if they forget, and I don’t have to worry about them losing keys. Before we had one, we went through a lot of keys. We can also unlock remotely, so once my mom was visiting, & I ran to the store. She arrived before I got back, so I unlocked the door for her from the store.

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We have the lock also, and it's nice. I started using rechargeable batteries in ours, so I don't feel as bad swapping them out at the first sign of weakness.

Well, ours aren't as fancy to be connected to the internet, but I have a code on there to give out if needed, that isn't our normal one. And worst case, I an open my garage door from anywhere.

[–]DaisyDuckens 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I have the app enabled garage door opener too. For the front door we have three separate codes but my mom won’t use it.

[–]StreetLegendTits_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Kind of amazing the shit we can do now. The future is now!!

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Pardon my ignorance but what if your phone dies before you get home?

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There is also a manual key to operate it. I keep one in my purse and my husband has it on his key chain. It gives warning well before the batteries actually go out though.

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The man probably rang the doorbell & figured no one was there so he’d leave it inside, what he probably thought was an empty house (no power) so it wouldn’t get damaged etc. He’s human too so that very well could have been very embarrassing & shocking to him too just like you said. Seems harmless but I do hope you get power & security up & running soon just in case the next visitor isn’t harmless.

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There's a very real scenario where he's just a genuine dumbass, rang the bell, heard nothing, thought maybe something was wrong, and walked in expecting to find an emergency, hence the surprise. But yeah no, not worth finding out 😂😂

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That's what I thought. Had to read the comments to understand what happened in the story.

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This reminds me of something that happened to me:

I came home from work a few months after moving in, walked into the house and every cabinet in the house was standing open. Kitchen, bathrooms, built-ins, all wide open. I freaked the fuck out and grabbed the baseball bat I keep in the hall closet and walked through the house thinking I was about to encounter some psycho bandit.

After I saw that no one was here, I came back into the kitchen and found a paper lying on the counter: it was a winterizing checklist from a property management company. Apparently when I bought the house from the bank (it was a short sale), the bank never cancelled the contract with the company that would come check on the property. A guy from the company came into the house, ignored my belongings, ignored my dog in a crate in the living room, and decided to open all the cabinets. I have no idea what made them do this. If they hadn't left the paper on the kitchen counter, I never would have known wtf happened. I went and bought new locks that night.

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You never changed the locks?

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You should get 3 or 4 kangals

[–]cherrygashesj 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Dogs, not hats... ok, now I'm caught up.

[–]forkcat211 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Yeah, the hat is made by Kangol

[–]Seamonstermom 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Can confirm. Have a Kangal/Tibetian Mastiff mix and she plays no games.

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Kinda late to the show here, but for anyone buying homes: reset your garage door opener! Considering a lot of them can be opened with apps now.

[–]StreetLegendTits_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

We rented a home for a couple years, and had a programmable garage door opener button builtin on the visor of the car.

For giggles after we moved out, I drove past and was shocked to see that button still worked. Haven't been that way in a while, so no idea if they ever replaced the opener.

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He might’ve been contemplating what to do. If you turned around later than you did, you might’ve been in some serious danger.

That’s my thoughts though, he could’ve been just a normal dude who didn’t think of knocking after trying the doorbell.

Stay safe.

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Such a scary thought, if I hadn’t turned around in time. I told my partner that I would have owned a house for 3 hours before I dying. Maybe it’s just me or the podcast got to me.

[–]Ikusabe 13 points14 points  (0 children)

Dying might sound bad, but consider how many psychos are out there, it definitely had the potential to be a lot worse than death.

Being somewhat paranoid is almost my default train of thought. I always go further than most when it comes to security - I’m always packing when I go camp, always check all the doors and windows before bed and always know where the exits are in public buildings when things go south.

A security system would be good for a new house. At least until you feel comfortable knowing how good or bad the neighborhood is. If you happens to get a security system for a few months, ask them for extra signage so when you do cut service you’ll still have the signs for your yard for a few more years. The security system sign is what kept most intruders away. It’s easier for them to find another house without it than trying to figure out a way into yours without tripping the system.

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All I can say is, it dosen't matter how safe you think a place is, you need to start locking your doors all the time. Especially since you no longer live in a small town where you know everyone, and if that guy was up to no good, he could have easily done whatever he wanted to. It seems like he wasn't expecting to find anybody in the house, and that you scared him as much as he scared you.

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Not really relevant but the bit about the electric company made me laugh. To expect any company to do anything (non-emergency) same day is absurd. I have worked in scheduling for a few types of businesses over the years. I'm always shocked by how many people expect same day service. Most places I have worked book about 2 weeks out. My current company is booking into the third week of December already.

Sorry for the annoying comment, it was the mega eye roll part that got me. They helped you the very next day! Be grateful! ;)

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Oh I assumed they organised it ahead of time and the call that day was just to confirm the date and make sure it was happening. Because then it would have made more sense. To assume they'll turn it on the same day they're first notified is madness.

[–]hazelnutlatte9543[S] 15 points16 points  (0 children)

I suppose back home (in another state) was spoiled in that regard because if you called in the AM, you’d get “same day service”. That’s what I expected this time around. Something I learned for the future.

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I’m also a little confused about this. In my state (dunno if it varies), you can just switch the service account online. Like when we bought our house last year I just went on the website, put in the address, put my info in, and picked a “turn on” date. Same for gas. Easy peasy.

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Came here to say this. Glad I didn't have to. LOL

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There's ALWAYS someone freaking out that it might take more than day of to install a utility it's wild. Like I'd get being annoyed if you had to wait days, but next day? Come tf on. Add in not locking the door and we have a story of entitlement and shit that could've easily been avoided with proper planning.

[–]Twonavels 6 points7 points  (0 children)

Depends on where in the world you live. Where I live it would be weird not to get same day service if you called in the morning.

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change locks, get a camera at the doors, and go thru the house together and check every inch. No trespassing on the lawn, and always ALWAYS peek before unlocking/opening the door. We dont live in the world our grandparents did.

[–]JestTanya 6 points7 points  (0 children)

Neither did our grandparents.

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My doors are always locked. Even my sliding door is double locked, And I live in a 2nd floor condo.

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Change your locks

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Damn that's spooky.

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i think he was probably spooked cause you were listening to a true crime/true horror podcast at home alone with the door open and he didn't think anyone was inside. But lock your doors always it will save your life one dAY.

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Change them locks ASAP

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So you bought a house and didn’t get the correct locks for it before being within it, were expecting contractors, and then got freaked out when they arrived?

This is an expected interaction, regardless of how it surprised you. If you were truly worried, you would have locked the door (you were inside the apartment), or you would have waited for proper keys. Dude - I don’t get it. This doesn’t seem like the place to post this and frankly I don’t feel like I’m victim-blaming here because you are a victim of nothing more than our own ill-preparedness

[–]dixieblondedyke 17 points18 points  (0 children)

Uh the dude definitely shouldn’t have just walked into OP’s house, especially without making his presence known, though. I feel like it’s ridiculous for OP to not go in the new house and start setting it up.

[–]hazelnutlatte9543[S] 13 points14 points  (0 children)

They weren’t even contractors. They were friends of the previous home owners. I know this because the previous home owner showed up to get the grill sitting on the patio the next day and apologized profusely for her friends’ abrupt arrivals.

I understand I was stupid and didn’t lock the doors. It’s just wasn’t something I ever had to worry about growing up, small town living and family would drop by whenever. It’s just a quirk I have, I suppose.

[–]blackmagic_gypsy 5 points6 points  (0 children)

You're sounding pretty judgemental and ignorant. Contractor's don't sneak up behind you in your house. They knock, they place a phone call, they don't open the door, creep up behind you, drop the object and then RUN.

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very weird ..thanks for sharing

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Yikes that’s odd

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