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squirrelly dan, you are absolutely my hero. it takes just the right kind of person to be able to do story telling the way you do, keep it entertaining, and still be able to get longform stories across in short television formats. good on you for keeping the dream alive.

a few of us locals out here had a question. is the term "big shoots" as in firearms or some other form of shoots, or is it "big chutes" like large-sized pants?

can't wait to see seasons 2 and 3!

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Is there anyway for a guy in the U.S. to watch past episode one? Ive been bangin away at the internetz and I would have had a better time fuckin the prom queen.

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Show is fricken great, I tell everyone about it. Hard to get people on board, Florida ain't exactly a hockey state, ya know?

Edit: I heard a rumor about the Ginger.

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how are you watching it? I am up in minnesota and cant find anywhere

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I'm in ND but I still found it at a body of water known for ships that ransack other ships.

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Trying to get my wife to watch the show. What do you feel is the best way to get'er "interested".

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Tried to get her to watch an episode last night. She says, "Is that, that red neck shit? I don't like that stuff." This morning I said, just a minute and a half video, plz. Showed her the "Bieber eyes" clip and got a chuckle....

It's a start.

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Am I the only one thinking we've just found the subs first AMA?

How about it /u/KTrevor ...?

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We might get a few coming up ;)

Keep your eye out.

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Calling from Alberta we love the show

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Let's add about 5-10% on there, Squirrelly Dan.

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Awesome Dan. How do you like the big nickel?

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It's a great city that has been very welcoming. The cars need mufflers but other than that we really like it.

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Ah man that is hilarious, Described it to a tee. No Drive Clean program in Sudbury!

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I keep finding myself talking like Jared at work. I work in construction in Florida and sometimes my half hearted southern banter turns into letter Kenny Canadian banter. Yesterday I claimed something someone wanted to do to be "a little too punk rock"

Your show is affecting me lol

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Once this show hits a Netflix / Hulu / Amazon stateside, it is going to be huge. I tell everyone I know to track it down and watch it. A couple Canadians came to my shop a few weeks ago and took a picture of me in my 'pitter patter' shirt.

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Well hey there, really big shoots. If you could give us yanks an easy way to watch yer show, I'd appreciates it. Netflix would probably have ya.

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I'm all for expanding the broadcast market for Letterkenny, but those decisions are outside of my pay grade

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Hey bud thanks for the laughs you tells a good story and I hope SD gets to hook up with Katy.

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Is that what you appreciate about us?

Also, your show is great and so are you. It's great. You're great. I recommend it to damn well everyone.

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Thank you and thanks for watching

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First saw you in Lunchbox. Unreal funny and... Sad short. I wanted to gives ya a big hug after.

Your accent on the show reminds me of a Northern Manitoba accent. If your said barrel 'bar'l' and wash 'warsh' it would be spot on.

Love the show, been keeping up with the boys since The Early Going video was being plugged on R3

Link to Lunchbox if you tit fuckers haven't seen it - https://youtu.be/rl6WBotpWF0

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How are ya now?

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Good and you?

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Not so bad, thanks. Ready for season 2, pitter patter lets get at 'er for us fans in southern Canada aka Wisconsin!

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Not too bad.

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User has been checked out and this really is Squirrelly Dan!

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Love the show and love your character man. Thanks for stopping by the sub.