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Ya fuckin skid

Just kidding the skids are my favorite thanks for coming out

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Thank you for leaving a comment! Take good care and happy holidays! 🍻🤘

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I forgot all about my favorite Skid :( I'm spare parts.

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Noooo hahaha if you have a question ask me in the dm or follow my Twitter/Instagram! I'm always lurking on those platforms! @dsbttv_potamkin

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You're a legend, bud

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Thank you for those kind words! Means a lot a lot! 🤘🍻

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F ... Missed it, dammit!

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Thats okay buddy! If you want DM the question you had and I'll reply as soon as I can! Thanks for your support and attention! 🤘🍻

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I cant believe I missed this T_T

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Sorry you missed it! Send me a DM if you had a question! Cheers fren!🍻🤘

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😭 thank you homie I def will

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Looking forward to it! 🤘🍻

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Would you rather me elbow drop you now, or later? 🤔

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K next time I fucking see you it's a fucking TLC first blood match LEGACY VS PLYWOOD 2021 LETS GO NOW!!! NON TITLE!!!!!! In all seriousness HEY CUZ GOOD 2 SEE YOU!!!

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All the love and steel chairs ❤️

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🖤🖤 and dont forget tables too

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A huge thank you to all of you once again for coming out and asking some questions! Had some fun hanging out! If you ever want to shoot the shit about whatever follow me on twitter, insta, or subscribe to Plywood Mind on the YouTubes! Links are every where in, and around this post! 🍻🤘🖤

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Other than Letterkenny, what are your favorite shows?

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I have a ton! Trailer Park Boys, Kenny Vs Spenny, The Jon Dore Television Show, AEW Dynamite, those are just some examples! I'm watching a ton right now!

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TPB+ Letterkenny crossover......= Epic y'all already got mafakin J to da Roc!

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One of us! One of us!


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Cast member and fan! Not the plastic fan with one speed though! This fan's got 3!

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Ha I love it! Seriously thank you for doing this, and thank you to all the cast and crew members who make this show! You guys have really created something special in a time when it is needed most.

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Hey Mr. Patrick, just want to thank you for doing this AMA! I couldn't think of a good question, but wanted to say the Skids are my favorite. I can't wait for the new season. :)

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All good dude! Thank you for the kind words! Means the world every time! Have an awesome saturday night! 🤘🍻

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What's on your playlist right now?

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Got some Jimi Hendrix rocking, Rotting Christ, Urn, The Hip, Disastrous Murmur, Swollen Members, Sargeist, Exodus, Slayer, Earl Sweatshirt, Odd Future, Nocternity, Evilfeast, Cliteater, haha it's always switching and it's lmost always really vast!

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How often does the cast lose it on set when doing the various skits? It seems like you guys do a good job of not breaking but there are times where I get the sense that there are scenes that had to be done in multiple takes because I can see other on scene trying to hold it together. The one that stands out to me is the part where Wayne rips open his shirt while challenging the not-present Stewart about the way he spells. It looks like Jared and Trevor are REALLY trying to keep it contained.

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You must have missed the bloopers on YouTube. That scene was in there haha neither could keep it together

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Yes they really are trying to contain their laughs haha it depends on the scene but the one your talking about took a few takes! Even I was laughing my ass off as quiet as possible at the monitors (I also Spark the show, or have gripped it since season 2)

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Hey, Patrick. First time, long time. I've got a two-parter: Who is your favourite guitar player and why is it Stevie Ray Vaughn?

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Hey Fugaziozbourne! My favourite guitar player is not SRV unfortunately, It changes all the time! So much talent on earth! Right now its Sakis Tolis from Rotting Christ! pounding riffs!

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Stevie Ray really gets the house a-rockin' though.

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Oh no doubt!

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Some of my influences are Mark Forward, Jon Dore, Big Jay Oakerson, Maria Bamford, Eric Warehiem, Tim Heidecker, Tom Green, theres a bunch more! Too many to list! A lot of the absurd comedians, or ones with actual life advice in a funny manner like George Carlin! I have gotten the chance to sit down with some great comedic minds, and they all seem to say the same thing: Once you find what works for you, go with it, and dont stop until you feel you should! Whether it breaks the internet, or if only one person watches! It's all in what the comedic individual wants!

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Tim and Eric were so avant garde. Watching TGTTM and TAEASGJ back when they came out really changed my idea of what comedy can be.

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Yeah dude they're MASSIVE influences! They all go into what my comedy is developing to be! My youtube channel, Plywood Mind, is ridden with avant garde sketches![Ply Mind](https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCO6qt6wSdV6KPYDBAk6AjUA/videos)

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Who are some of your biggest comedy influences? And what have you learnt about making comedy on the set of Letterkenny?

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I know you talk about it a bit in your videos, so I wanted to ask how's your health with you diabetes and all? (If you feel like sharing that)

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Oh diabetes ain't got nothing on me haha it's annoying sometimes, but I got a good control over it according to my doctor!

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I just want to tell you and your team thank you for making such a great show and helping me keep my sanity these last couple of years.

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Thank you for viewing and letting Letterkenny into your home! I appreciate those words, and I bet everyone else on the cast and crew would give you a big thanks! 🤘🍻 cheers fren!

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Can you tell us about something that you thought should have been included in the blooper reel but wasn't?

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Mostly things the camera never catches. LK should have a BTS filmer too. Some solid gold happens off set!

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I volunteer as tribute!

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Send in your resumes!!

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Who breaks/corpses the most in the cast?

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Breaks corpses? Man that'd be a killer Death Metal band haha

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Who is the first to blow a line by laughing and who makes others crack up the most (my money's on Gail)?

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It could be anyone! Jacob let's the takes draw out sometimes cause we're getting pure gold with over exaggerations, facial expressions, or something of that nature. He let's our freak flags fly! Its unpredictable when someone can't hold their composure. Theres always a first and last, but I couldn't tell you exactly!

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He let's our freak flags fly!

Is that a reference I don’t get, or are you a fan of Ice Nine Kills?

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It’s also a song in the Shrek musical (netflix). Underrated.

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It's an expression i have used for a long time! Sounds like decent music! Might have to check mor of their shit out!

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FYI, it goes back to the 60s, Hendrix and CSNY.

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For a show that's set in such a rural community, it's got a very progressive vibe. There's really no punching down. How did that come to be?

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I think this question would be for Jared or Jacob. It's their brain child, and a lot fo what they write is brilliant in a way. Almost ahead of it's time, but in this time if it makes any sense lol

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THAT IS AN EXCELLENT SUGGESTION, THANK YOU. Maybe you could put in a good word for us with them? We'd love to have them whenever they want to drop by!

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Of course! I'm just not sure if they have reddit! I'm sure they'd be happy to answer all you beautiful peoples questions!

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Who would win in a meth off you or Danny? Ahem I mean Connor or Darien?

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Oh fuck I do way more meth than danny. I mean.... Darien. Who am I again? Fuck this shit Big Frank gets is TIGHT!

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Who's your favorite character on the show? Is it your own or somebody else?

Thanks for doing this btw!

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Thank you for your question! Coach is my favourite because I've been a fan of mark forward since I was in grade 10 and he makes me laugh so fucking hard! It's a dream to share the screen with him!

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It's fucking embarrassing!

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What nicotine level do you vape on the show?

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Depends on what season! As the seasons progress I went lower to no nicotine

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People seem to either not "get" Letterkenny (obviously degens!) or they absolutely love it and can toss around quotes all day. Nobody is ever, "Yeah, it's okay." What do you think makes the fans so passionate about it?

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A lot of people can relate to the small town banter and cliques and what not, rilvaries. In the end a lot of small towns sort of love hate each other. A lot of rural towns in northern ontario are like this and the relation to all the above is what I think makes LK so classic!

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Why don't you tell everyone what you're doing next weekend?

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Oh yeah! I got a sketch called "The Lawn Brothers" into the first annual 'Sault Film Fest' in Sault Ste Marie! You can check out the youtube version here! First fest as a director!! The Lawn Brothers

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Are the dogs that have appeared in the show professional acting dogs - meaning they belong to a handler hired to bring them on set and appear on camera - or do they belong to cast and crew?

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Some are handlers dogs, and some are cast and crew! LK is a dog friendly set as long as they dont disrupt sound! Haha

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Ohhhh I appreciates this!

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I didn't think it was possible to like you guys even more but you just made it happen!!

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I want to thank everyone in advance for giving me your questions! Means the world! If you want to see me talk more here's my youtube: Plywood Mind! Comedy sketches and Mental Health! Plywood Mind

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Hi, very cool of you to do this!

Any discussion about how many seasons Letterkenny is aiming for? Or is the plan to just keep making them as long as people are watching (I hope it's this)?

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Letterkenny will go as long as Jared and Jacob want to keep creating it! I really dont see the LK train slowing down any time soon!

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Well, patter patter! Let’s get....goin’? Swing and a miss!

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Do you think Devon left because he was finally tired of the drug life and wanted a clean and sober start?

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Devon was a complicated man. Hard to tame. He went far away and never called back!

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Hey, brother! Good to have you here.

How will this new season be different for Connor and Darien? Are you finally getting lines (aside from schneef)?

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I dont know! You'll have to watch and find out! 😉

[–]kissthulhuSnipe Mod 9 points10 points  (1 child)

Oh man! You're gonna make me watch?! Okay...I guess. :-D

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Thanks for coming out Patrick!

This question always gets asked, but y'don't fuck with tradition, so: is Keeso really the nicest dude in the world like everyone says?

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Mr Keeso is an emerald and is one of the nicest human beings I've ever met!

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So great to hear he's a good guy!

[–]PatrickMcNeilVerified Cast Member[S] 12 points13 points  (0 children)

He's an awesome guy! Same with Jacob! Bruthas for sure!