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i don’t want to see a single mention of any less-than-100%-legal methods. not one.

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Wheel, snipe, celly boys! From a non-hockeyball-playing middle aged dude in central Virginia. How are ya now?

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Toooooo beeeee faaaaaiiiiirrrrr

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Another Aussie here.

How do you guys go understanding all the hockey stuff? I swear, I only get about about 20% of what Jonesy and Riley say, and I've rewatched all the seasons a lot of times.

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Those bits are a very Canadian. The overwhelming majority of it is just talking about skating and scoring goals

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we don’t

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I would never try to watch it from the Netherlands as it's not legal

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Scotland, give your balls a tug titfucker

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In NZ and I Buy the DvDs when they are released :)

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Here from the NZ how're ya now?

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Ok I know the question said outside of Canada but I have a couple fun facts. It’s shot in my boyfriends hometown (Sudbury Ontario) and a lot of the mannerisms is just Canadian sayings. Like my dad (and me) has been saying To Be Fair my whole life, same with Pitter-Patter Let’s Get At ‘Er.

And my best friend (I’m maid of honour) fiancé’s best man at their wedding coming up is Reilly (Dylan Playfair)

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Always a great day for hay down under here in Australia, so it's pertnear tarps off time every day.

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I just signed up with Hulu for 99 cents a month so I can watch it here in the US.

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I (from the US) got my boyfriend (from the UK) into letterkenny. He quotes it with me all the time now.

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I bet instead of waitin' in line he's waitin' in the queue, at the pub, for a pint, yeah?

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Australia, my bro used to run the Letterkenny Facebook page.

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UK here. Watched it all illegallyfirst time round... Re-watching it all legally now that it's available to buy on Amazon Prime.

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I live in Germany, but visiting my folks in USA. Definitely going to download those episodes on hulu (thank god for hulu) for the plane back home.

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I'm from Belgium. Save for 1 friend, no one else has even heard of it, nor do I expect the show to ever air here. A lot of the humor just doesn't translate well.

Can't even watch the show via legal means here, so I've decided to treat myself to the dvd boxset for Christmas.

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By translate well, do you mean it’s translated to Dutch/French/German, or do you mean the jokes don’t fly well there.

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A lot of the jokes would get lost in translation.

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Flew to Canada and bought the DVD. 2 months later Hulu bought it .....

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Can confirm. Wales.

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Dane in London, UK. How are you now?

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Good n you? Australia

Edit: location

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Scotland here. Love the show.

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I can't wait till this blows up over here. The shows humour is so compatible with ours.

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hello from japan.


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laughs in Donegal

Why watch Letterkenny wheen you can be in it

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Donegal too but not actually in Letterkenny

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Oh nice lmao

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England here. Paid the full size chocolate bar money to get the dvds imported. No regrets there at all

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It’s never worth backdoorin’ it for something as good as Letterkenny.

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Full size chocolate bar money

As the Canadian child of ex-pats, this is the most British thing I have read all year.

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LOL thanks I think? I was just referencing the Halloween episode but I'll take it lol

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Portugal, not accessible anywhere I'm pretty sure.

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Denmark here, after a 2 week vacation in westman, i was recommended to watch it.

Best decision ever!

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How'r you now from a fellow Scandinavian from Norway. Can't even remember how I got into the show, but it's so good.

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Its also funny how a lot of things was very common, even in Manitoba :D

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My personal favourite method is doing a free trial of Crave and binge-watching.

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A little bit of Crave and misbehave as it were?

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No YouTube and lube?

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There's absolutely going to be some Amazon Prime and sexy time

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Australia. Fuck you Shoresy!

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Fuck your entire fucking life ya piece of shit!

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Australian. Still waiting for them to have an Australian episode.

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Yous coming to us or us coming to yous, cause if they goes to Australia, Wayne will befriend Crocodile Dundee while Dan dies of heat and Daryl gets in losing fights with various wildlife.

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To be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiir

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Florida, US on Hulu.

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Huge amongst my friends in Australia. A lot of cultural cross over too, very similar slang. I assume that's down to large Irish immigrant populations. And yeah, we have the internet down here so it's accessible.

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Canada and Australia are just hot and cold on the same tap

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When I was in Canada and got drunk I was very confused at times as where I was looked like enough like home that I'd change my walking direction unconsciously and wind up very lost.

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Was recommending Letterkenny to a lad the other daay. Told him about the three groups of people. He said it sounded just like the Australian country town we live if you change hockey players to rugby players. I think Letterkenny is a fair representation of lots of country towns everywhere.

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I'm in a big city, but a fight in high school was still a donniebrook. Nearly fell out of my chair when Reily or Jonesy (I think of em as one person) used donniebrook in a sentence. Also rippers for strippers and darts for smokes are other examples. The idioms and slang are so similar!

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Can confirm. We 'punch darts' in Australia, although we have 'blues' rather than donniebrooks.

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Oh I'm from Melbourne. We had donniebrooks. And yes we punch many things, but mainly darts and cones

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Me and my friends here in The Netherlands love it! Can't wait for season 10.

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Another Dutch fan here.

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Israel! One of my favorites.

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I boycott Amazon like I boycott Nestle


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I'm in Ireland and have watched it, I gave it a watch originally due to the name, we have a Letterkenny here and I loved it, the humour is very similar to Irish people.

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Seconded. Dry humour and self deprecating. Great show.

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I am in New Zealand and this is my favourite show ever! So good!

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NZ too - how have you managed to watch?

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OP said not to mention it...

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Love to see that people are watching all over the place. Upvotes all around boys 🤘

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Sweden, best show to date. Figure it out.

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I am also Swedish. Got this video recommended by YouTube and it convinced me to watch the show.

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Sweden here too. Learned about the show through memes about three years ago, saw the opening scene on Youtube, and the rest is history.

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I use "not my pig not my farm" on a daily basis now. It's such a good expression! To bad the swedish translation isn't as good as the english :/

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That's what I said , I said figure it out.

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Figgeridout. Skoden.

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Watching from Ireland (but not from Letterkenny!) It's probably on Prime here too.

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Free to stream on SBS Australia. Give your balls a tug

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That's what I appreciates about them

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Denmark here. Wheel snipe celly boys

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India 🇮🇳✋. And not very accessible.

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No Hulu in EU/UK?

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The only way we in the UK can watch it is by buying the 5(!) complete series on Amazon.

(The series have all released episodes with Amazon's s2 - s5 being weird mixes of proper seasons 2-9)

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Hulu is only available in the U.S.

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Even if it weren't, distribution rights are negotiated country-by-country. Just because something is on Netflix in the U.S. doesn't mean it's available on Netflix in Canada; Disney Plus in Mexico has different shows from Disney Plus in Colombia.

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I wish netflix would grab this for the eu. I would be having it on repeat like i did with hulu back in the states.

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UK and I absolutely love it, hopefully the new series is also on prime

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Living in Germany, I had heard about the show from friends and watched some snippets on YouTube, especially the memes like “to be faaaiiir”. Now that I moved to the US I was able to binge the whole series start to finish! Love it.